There are so many ways to help...

When I reached my e-mail box this morning, I had an appeal from Suzanne Winter  to help the victims in Oklahoma by sending them our sewed items. You can read more about it in her blog.

As always, my heart is with those suffering, seeing their lives devasted by something they can't control. 
And of course I want to help too... I don't know about sewing something to send, because the post offices tend to take weeks to deliver something from here to the USA, but I am surely sharing this here, hoping to reach others that will able to help. 

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Pattern Revolution

This is the address where items can be sent:
Green Style Creations
508 Conquistador Ct 
Edmond OK 73025.

There are so many ways to help... if you can't sew, try to spread the word, the more people we reach, the more people will help!


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