M(a)Y Mending Month IV

Time for another mended piece. This was a great find. My sister works in a clothes department, and sometimes she can find us some very cheap clothes. This denin pants were one of those. They were 3€. I bought two pairs just because I couldn't decide which ones I liked best. These are darker, the others* are a little blueish(er).

What was the problem with them? Well to start the zipper was broken. It almost made me leave them here. If there's one thing that scares me is changing zippers. I don't fear adding them to a new garment I am sewing, but it just freaks me out when I have to change one. Go figure! 

The thing is, I avoid the task... like  a l w a y s ! This time though, I thought it'd be a good opportunity to improve my skills, and face my fears. I even had the perfect zipper I had saved from one of V.'s pants that I had cut to do baby G. something. 

Apart from that zipper, the only thing it needed was a new hem. I'm short, really short so I always have to cut a few cms out of my pants. I really liked the original folded hem, and wanted to keep it, so I just did the folded hem myself. If you want to know how, stay around, a tutorial will be up soon. And I love my new pants... the ironing part has been keeping me from using them... ooppppssss... gotta get my hands on that soon. 

You can see from the pictures how much I had to cut out of my lenght. And myself applied zipper... yay for me! It didn't turn out bad at all. 

*will have to Cut some lenght on these ones too!


  1. Way to face your fears!
    I avoid zippers at all cost. Not sure why, I have done them a couple of times- and they aren't too bad. I'll keep you in mind the next time a zipper goes bad...and fix it immediately!


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