M(a)Y mending month I

As said before, this is the month I decided to go through the huge pile of clothes waiting for any kind of mending. There are mostly pants. I have a very thin waist and pants fit me well everywhere but always have to be a little taken in the waist. Since mending isn't really my favourite thing to do when it comes to sew, some of them have been waiting for years. Yes, you read it right, years. Some I never got to wear!
There are also button shirts with too puffy sleeves, tunics to be hemmed, seams to be done, etc etc etc. 

Today I am sharing one of the easiest things I had to do, and kept posponing for years... so you can see how much I hate mending... lol ... now, honestly, I don't understand why on earth it took me this much to just do a few stitches. 

I had these lovely pair of pants that fits me so well, I love the colour, the fabric, the shape, everything. It closes with a button placket on the front, and right under the placket there's a few stitches that used to unite both pieces of fabric together (I mean the right and left pieces), so my underwear wouldn't show. 

After using it just twice, those stitches fell apart and I never got to sew them together again. When I decided to go for the mending pile, this was one of the first things I did. I didn't even use the machine - I felt lazy to change the thread and did it by hand. It took me less than two minutes. Et voilá! I got myself a new pair of pants (back). 


  1. I hate changing the thread for just a few stitches! I would have hand stitched those too, way to get something out of the pile!
    My waist has gotten smaller since last summer, but now all of my summer gear is too big around the waist. I would love to see how you take bottoms in at the waist.

    1. Right?! Changing threads is really annoying! I hate it when I am working on something and it ends. lol I will surely show that later.


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