|day 18| Refashion Month: my own!

When I thought about the refashion month thing last year, I wasn't refashioning as much as I have after that. I guess I've been refashioning for all my life; if you count on the clothes I would tear and remake as doll clothes, or the jeans I would just cut in my early teens to get myself some new shorts. But it wasn't really until last year that I looked at refashioning in a different way. After commiting to stop buying new clothes in September (through the end of the year), I decided in January I would try to shop my own closet as much as possible, of course, that means I had to refashion much more than before. 

Last year, my goal was to achieve one refashion for every week of July. And I succeed, made over the 4 projects. Even though they were pretty simple and easy. I believe the only good refashion I made last year was precisely the first one, check HERE for more photos. This year, I had plans to make at least 4 new pieces again. And though we still have a few days left, I'm really happy to say: I've made it again, and I'm pretty sure I might have something else by the end of the month. Have you seen my onesies refashions?

Anyway... I won't let you fall asleep, let's see some pictures. My most recent refashions (2) were made out of one pair of pants! 

Yes! I made it again. My most viewed post ever, has always been the pants to shorts tutorial, when I made a pair of shorts for me and one for my little miss out of a pair of pants mom gave me. Back then I only had to cut and sew a seam for my shorts, but this time I deconstructed the original pants and cut my short pieces out of it. With the remaining fabric I made a matching pair of shorts for baby G. like I did the first time.

I used a pattern I had tried before. I guess I have never blogged about them here, but I had used the pattern to make a pair of blue wool shorts for me a couple of years ago, for pictures check here. The original pants was much simplier, it closed at the side with an invisible zipper. For my new shorts I used a french Burda's Pattern from 2009, it had a few options and I have mixed two of them. 

Wanna check the other pieces: denin shorts here, blue romper here & black pleated shorts here

For G.'s shorts, I used my own pattern again. I've never used the same pattern as often as this one. Those are the 4th shorts I make out of it, and I am really satisfied at how different they can look using just a few little changes in the pattern. And the first thought was to make them exactly like mine, but then I got lazy did a few things differently. 

Picture above: details from mine 

For the back plackets from my own, I used flower shaped buttons, but even though I wanted to do the same with hers, I had no more flowerly red button, actually I am running out of cute red buttons. Even for the adajustable waist elastic on her pants I founf it hard to find a pair of buttons. I eventually did, and still they are slightly different in colour. I wasn't in the mood for shopping any supplies so, this will perfectly do.

Picture above: details from hers

I didn't used a zipper, or a button (don't you just love by button?! It was the first time I applied one of this ever) to close her shorts like I did in mine. I guess, it's easier this way. The shorts have enough room for her to grow and use them for at least two more years, so the adajustable waist was my perfect solution. 

Her shorts weren't planned! But since it is KIDS CLOTHES WEEK, and I had quite enough left from the pants, I thought Why not?!, and guess what? I loved our finished matching shorts! 

| I've been sewing along KCW, but because it's Refashion Month here, I will only write a wrap up of what I've been doing during the week, next sunday |

For our photoshoot, I paired them with refashioned tops (mine and hers) from last summer. Enjoy some of my favourite photos:

It was easier as we walked down the beach... half the way, I had a surprise for her, and sat down to fill two heart shaped ballons. =) 

It's not easy to get her quiet for photos, so I just appreciated the walk, we've played and dad kept taking lots of pictures. I had a hard time to decide which ones to cut off. 

And then it was time to come home!


  1. So adorable. I love how perfectly the shorts match the tops. (That racerback tank is my favorite!)

  2. They turned out cute! Any time with the family is a good time!


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