Feather's Flights Pattern Tour Harem and Play Pants (and a giveaway)

When I read Heather's e-mail asking me to be part of her pattern tour, I couldn't feel happier and more honoured than I did. It is my first time taking part of something like this and I am a Heather's fan. And let me tell you I was ambicious. Heather has recently release her first patterns, and I could review just one - the Harem pants pattern, or both - the Play pants pattern too. 

Those have been seen as a boy patterns by some, but let me tell you, they are perfect for little girls too. Especially if those girls are like mine. Though she just turned two a week ago, she knows exactly what she likes, and we've been having trouble trying to put her into skirts, so pants and shorts are never enough around the house. 

Let's talk about Heather's patterns though. I went for the harem pants first, and chose the shorts version since it's pretty hot here, right now. This pattern came in so handy after my master fail on doing my daughter a pair of harem pants! But that's something for another post one of these days. 

I chose size 2T, though I know baby G. wears a little smaller. But kids grow fast and I wanted to make sure it would last the entire summer. I used a mustard, very light woven fabric from my stash. As for changes in the pattern I made one: the pockets. The original pattern has optional front pockets, but I decided to make my own side pockets. And I even put up a little tutorial for you, if you want to try it. 

To make a pair of harem shorts/pants, like mine, with the side pockets, you should follow the next steps:

After copying the original pattern, I drafted a side pocket. Make a bigger and a smaller one, remember the smallest will be the size that will be showing on the final piece. 
* I meant mustard and lining! oppssss better stop editing late at night. 

From here you just have to keep following Heather's instructions. Her patterns are very well documented with pictures and even tips on the fabric you use (for better fitting, etc). 

Then have your child wearing and enjoying the freedom the harem pants/shorts give them to play! I paired my harem shorts with a refashioned onesie matching. I will blog about it in a few days ! Come back to check it out!

My second choice were the Perfect Play Pants pattern. As I've said before, pants are never enough around this house, but this particularly pair (and rest of outfit) was made for my little niece M. I will surely be making a few more out of this pattern for my own daughter because, besides being wonderful for active playing kids, it's also great that it is an easy pull and take piece, for my potty training toddler. 

My idea for the shoots was to have her playing in her room, but she didn't cooperate much... she was either sitting with her computer, or reading a book. Or she would just lay down on the floor. 

I didn't make great changes to the pattern. I used again a 2T but mine is a bit shorter because I skipped the cuffs (and pockets too if you didn't guess!), and used a wide seams. At each side I sewed button holes, through which I've put two ribbons, so we can tight it. I kept all the rest as it was. Let me tell you, I just love how it turned out, again with a light woven fabric. A polka dotted piece my mother-in-law had given me like 1/2 years ago and I loved so much I was always afraid to use it. 

As I said, I made this for my little niece, so when thinking about how to complete my outfit, I upcycled another onesie (just added the "M" to it, with the reverse applique) and even made a hairclip, because those pants are so quick and easy to make, I got enough time for all that!

Now, if you haven't checked all the previous posts from the rest of the ladies that make part of the tour, I suggest you to. And don't forget to check the next ones too, there's three more to go. Here's a link to all their blogs. 

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Now that it is all said, would you like to win one of these patterns? Heather has been so kind to give one away for a lucky reader. 


  1. oh my goodness, those pants are cute! love the pocket detail.


  2. These pants are super cute, and they look so comfy!

    1. Thanks. My daughter really liked playing around in both.

  3. Those outfits turned out so cute. And what a great idea to add a ribbon instead of a cuff. Thanks for the chance to win the pattern!

  4. They are so cute! I love that you made them your own! Those side pockets are so fun, and thanks for sharing the tutorial! I love the coloring and little side ties to the pants!

  5. Love the play pants, especially the little ribbon detail! So so cute!

    1. thank you. I will surely do a couple more.

  6. Lovely pockets on lovely pants! Nice job and thanks for the tute :)


    1. thak you. Glad you liked them. =)

  7. I'm loving all the harem pants I've been seeing lately. Whether I win this pattern or not, they are deff on my KCW list for next week!

  8. Love them! My boys would play well in them.


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