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I've been loving July Refashion Month! I've been enjoying all those wonderful refashions and ideas shared, but it has also allowed me to find a new (to me) blog that I had missed before. That blog is I Seam Stressed from Tasha... and she took the challenge of refashion to another level, posting refashions on a daily basis! How great is this?!

Hey there!  I'm Tasha from I Seam Stressed, and I'm thrilled to be one of Magda's sew along guests for Refashion Month 2013!  I've been a refashioner for as long as I've been sewing.  I taught myself to sew five years ago, making little dresses out of drapes, sheets, and unfinished garments I rescued from my great-grandmother's estate sale.  I eventually graduated to using my own, worn clothing as fabric.  When I worked in an alterations shop, I would find myself digging through the scrap bin and saving tiny bits of 'special' material.  After a year-long sewing hiatus, I'm back at it.  And thanks to Magda's fabulous series, I find myself gravitating back towards refashioning.  I thought it would be fun to share with you some of my favorite refashions.  Enjoy!

These are some of my earliest refashions.  The toddler dress on the left was made from a sweater that I had outgrown, and the skirt on the right was made from my favorite pair of pants from high school and an old top.

 For a while I had a thing for re-purposing vintage sheets.  I sold several of these skirts in my Etsy shop (and still have several hiding out in my daughter's closet!).

 These toddler tops were both refashioned from shirts that I loved.  They were worn and it was time to let them go.  I cut them down in size and gifted them to my younger sister.  She's since given them back and E will soon be wearing them.

 The rest of these projects are more recent; all from the past couple months.  Capris from $1 discount warehouse adult sized pants.  Toddler t-shirt from one of my own tees.

 Shorts from a thrift store sheet, backpack from an old worn out messenger bag.

And from just this week, little shorts for my baby boy due in September.  All material excluding the ribbing was from old sweatpants and shirts that were past their prime.

I love the satisfaction of salvaging some remnant of something well-loved, or finding new purpose in something that someone else might just throw out.  Basically, I'm in love with refashioning!

I hope you've enjoyed the refashions I've shared with you today.  Please come visit me to keep up with my creations.  I'm on a fabric buying freeze currently, so there's bound to be plenty of refashioning in the months to come.  In fact, I'm posting refashions every Monday for the remainder of July!
Thanks for reading, and thanks to you too Magda!


  1. These are absolutely wonderful! My favorite are the colorblocked boy shorts, so cute! You are truly talented, going to check out your site now.

    1. Thank you! I just browsed your blog a bit and found your hat pattern in your Etsy shop. As soon as my paypal account stabilizes, I'm TOTALLY getting it! Cutest hat ever!!!

    2. Thanks so much Tasha! I absolutely love that hat! Going to try to make a version for kids soon!

  2. Love the capris and the floral shorts! I'm trying to refashion more, but had a few disappointments where the old knits were probably too old and thus got stale or wonky after little wear. Your creations look really fresh though!


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