Refashion July 2013 edition!

I've been pretty excited here, and I am so happy to kick off today with my first blog series. It all started as a self challenge last year, as said here, and when I realised I was already inviting a few of my favourite blogger to be part of this with me for this year too.

I was able to put together lots of talented ladies! Some have big/popular blogs, others don't, but I am sure you will love them all equally! So don't miss every single one of them.

Max California - Alida Makes - Feather's Flights - Nelesc Designs - Threading my Way - Serger Pepper - Refashionista - Mammy Made - Carissa Knits - Do Guincho Sewing Mamma RaeAnna - Made with Love by HulibugWinter Wonderings Wanderings & Whatnot - Theresa's To do's MellySews Mikelina Makes - Charity Shop Chic - Sew Chibi - Wunderbar Life - Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy! 

I hope this will be a source of inspiration to everyone! Follow and sew along, you can share your refashions with us in the flickr group.

And to start it I bring you a simple no sew refashion of my own for today! I had these jeans I loved and fitted me so well, but they were stained and I always wore them around the house and maybe to the grocerie a few steps away from home. It was breaking my heart that I couldn't wear them more often, to other places too. 

I forgot to take a before picture. It happens to me much too often, and it really bothers me, but I couldn't remember to take that photo until I had the jeans all covered in bleach! That's when I get the autch moment! Lucky for me, I was wearing them back in 2010, when we made a little fashion show with kids. They were all wearing refashioned items.  

Here's how they were before (sorry not too good pictures in this post!!!). 

I had seen a lot of bloggers bleaching their jeans and getting wonderful new pieces from old ones, but I was always a little too scared to try and do it myself. I realised that I had nothing to lose though, my jeans were ruined already so why shouldn't I give it a try?!

And I did it! I bleached my jeans. They were left in the mix of water and bleach for a whole day and night, and from light blue they have turned white. They weren't totally white after dry and they still kept some stains. 

But then I dyed them in my washing machine and they turned out a new pair of jeans, brown, which is a colour I've been loving more and more lately. 

I guess I will be able to wear them a lot more often now! And if I get sick of the brown colour, I think I can re-do it all over again.

It's such an easy process I'm still amazed why was I so scared to try it. And I loved the look of the contrastic thread on the brown of the pants. Don't you?


  1. Great no-sew refashion, Magda! And the color result is wow-licious :)
    Can't wait to see other ladies' refashions...

    1. Thank you. I was really happy about the colour, I wasn't sure if it'd turn out good enough but it did.

  2. Love the brown, Magda and the way the stitching contrasts.

  3. Wow, just a simple dye can make a pair of trousers look wow-sers! Just a question though, will it the washing machine be affected in anyway? I have always wanted to try it but the only problem is I'm worried that the dye will remain in the drum and stain my other clothes!

    1. True, it can change a piece completely. I've only tried dye a couple of months ago, because just like you, I was afraid it would stay in the machine drum, but NO, not at all, you just have to follow the instructions and things will work just fine. I've done it 3 times already and never had any problems at all.

  4. This is my first time seeing this technique. I LOVE the stitching contrast on the pockets. I am kicking myself for getting rid of that pair of jeans I spilled bleach on. Shucks!

  5. Yep, and if you get tired of brown.... there is always black! I've jumped into
    dyeing lately too... I did a pair of shorts earlier this summer... they were a
    sort of beige, and I dyed them blue...They turned out great! And to re-fresh an
    older denim skirt I had I found a shade darker green then they were, now it's
    like I have a new skirt!

    1. or I can bleach them again and use another color other than black. That's the magic of recycling and reusing, right?


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