|day 22| Refashion Month Guest: Theresa from Theresa's To-Do's

I don't know Theresa, from Theresa's To-Dos for too long, but I genuinely adore her... so I had to have her making part of this series. I understand deeply on her quest for a decluttered and organized life, and of course, I enjoy checking every little thing she created for her twin boys or herself. She has taken the challenge to refashion all through the month, so check her blog to see all the other things she's been refashioning. 

Hello House of Estrela, I am so honored to be included in Magda’s fabulous line-up of refashioners. My name is Theresa, and I document my life projects at Theresa’s To-Dos. I have self-diagnosed Crafter ADD (which has spiraled out of control since Pinterest). I dabble in a little bit of everything, but sewing is my all-time favorite. Most of my refashioning is for my twin boys…but once in a while I find time for a Mama refashion. When Magda asked me to join in this series I was planning on showing off a little boy refashion (because that’s what I do best). Yet there was a pink glow coming from my closet that screamed, “FIX ME!” So to quiet the demons in the closet, I obliged. I picked this dress up at Old Navy a few years ago. It was on clearance for $7.97. On that particular day all clearance was an additional 75% off, making this little number only $2.00! (I think I forgot to mention that I am also a recovering clearance rack addict.) Dress Refashion theresastodos.blogspot.com 
See that expression? It says, “What were you thinking!” There are many reasons this dress hung in my closet so long. The top ruffle paired with the drop waist just wasn’t cutting it. The bottom hem was also at a very awkward length. There is a positive here. Even though pink isn’t my favorite color, the fabric is a light jersey knit- perfect for Julys in Michigan! Let’s get started. Moving up the waist 
The first step was to move up the waist, which also fixed that awkward length. This just required a quick snip across the top. I didn’t measure, just cut. The back was cut lower than the front. Thankfully, that hideous ruffle was removed in the process.
Fold Over and Pin 
The next step is to make a casing for elastic. Fold the top to the inside. *Large enough to fit your elastic, plus seam allowance. Pin it down.
  Sew Casing and Insert Elastic
Sew with a zigzag stitch, leaving an opening for the elastic. Insert elastic. Sew elastic ends together, and tuck into the casing. Stitch opening closed. Technically you could stop right here and call yourself done. You now have a cute strapless dress. Strapless doesn’t work for this mama. I am frequently seen corralling a two year old boy under each arm. That alone is a sight that makes strangers gawk. I don’t want to add an awkward boob shot to the scene.
  Attatch Straps. Draw a Line Down Front Center.
I cut the straps from the strip I snipped off earlier. Then sewed them in place. Next draw a vertical line down the middle front.
  Gather and Stitch 
Gather the fabric along the line. Run a stitch through the gather. Tie it down, and try on! Admire your now wearable dress.
  Dress Refashion by theresastodos.blogspot.com


  1. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of refashion month, Magda! I can't wait to see what the rest of the month holds.

  2. I am also a fan of Theresa's to-do List and love her refashions, especially the one's for little boys because it inspires me to sew for my boys. First up, I love your witty writing here! "the pink glow from your closet", have to "quiet the demons" lol. Hilarious. What is not funny is this great refashion! I am also a clearance addict and have refashioned many an Old Navy item. You did a good job here Theresa!


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