January Refashion Month with Ajaire from Call Ajaire

Ajaire, blogging over Call Ajaire and she inspires me with every single post, I love the girl clothes she makes and I always thnk "I have to do that for G." - I usually don't, but that's another story! I like that she refashions in a clever way. I'm happy to have her guesting today, enjoy her tips. 


Hi there!  I'm Ajaire and happy to be a part of January Refashion Month.  Refashioning is something that I do A LOT, but when Magda offered me the chance to join in I realized it's not something I talk about often on my blog.  I have an endless pile of refashion fabrics (clothes, sheets, drapes) and I pull from them just about as much as I do from my new fabric stash.

One of my favorite tips is to add something "new" when refashioning: some element that wasn't involved in the original garment.  It doesn't have to be brand new and more often than not it's just a second tee shirt or something else in my refashion pile, but adding a pop of something different makes the end result feel more fresh.

Here I used two of my old t-shirts to make a Beachy Boatneck dress for my girl.  Mixing the pink tee with the stripes makes the dress look like more than just my old shirt.

In the Popover Rugby shirt I used fabric from an old hoody I didn't wear anymore and added in the navy solid fabric.  It changed the whole feel of the shirt and now it's one of my favorites for my girl to wear.

Last spring I took an old Polo Dress that was no longer wearable, chopped off the bottom half and added a maxi-length bias cut skirt.  I then proceeded to wear it ALL summer.

And stayed tuned to Call Ajaire for an upcoming post about this fun dress I recently refashioned for my girl.

Thanks for having me over for the series Magda.  It's a great reminder of just how much I enjoy taking something old and making it new again.


  1. I rarely blog about my upcycles either, but they're there! I am desperate to refashion some of my scraps and clothing. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I always love your stuff! Can't wait to see that dress on that adorable little model of yours!

  3. These are great- I really love the blue detail on the pink striped top-- you are right, it completely updates and changes the look! :)


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