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What a great group of ladies so far, don't you think? I've been enjoying this Refashion Month so much, and I hope all of you too. It's just 15 minutes past midnight as I start writing this. I just feel like writing something. I've been refashioning a little behind the scenes, not much, since my full energy isn't back yet and also, I got a pretty cold. So, today I still don't have anything from me to show you, be sure to come back tomorrow and I will. 

I'm happy though, Project Run & Play is around to corner to start (this monday!!) and I was able to sew something for the sew along. I had planned 3 pieces, but, really? What was I thinking? I can barely stand for half an hour, how could I be able to sew three pieces? Especially when I've been using my little moments of energy and good mood to test a pattern... 

Yeah, I tested the Small Fry Skinny Jeans for Laura at Titchy Threads, I only have very good things to say about Laura's patterns. It is available now, so if you're planning to buy it, just click the pattern's link above. I had sewn the free 2T Small Fry Skinny jeans before and totally loved but this time I was assigned a slightly different version and again, I loved making it. It is a little time consuming but so worth it. I am planning to share the test piece soon, for the 3rd week sew along of PR&P, so just wait a few days to see it. 

I've also refashioned 2 onesies for G. which I will share later, there's more to go in the same way, I refashioned a cardigan (yes, you'll have to wait for this one too) and most recently - I just finished so I am all excited about it! - I've turned a pair or red velvet pants into something adorable to my daughter. Tomorrow we're taking some photos so I can show it to all of you. 

So this morning I was feeling sad, I felt like, though I am hosting a refashioning series, I had nothing to share myself. But see, everytime I host the series, I make a self challenge of achieving at least 4 pieces refashioned. If you followed what I just wrote above, I am counting 5 pieces already (the test piece was refashioned too), and it's not half month gone yet... so, why was I frustrated about? I haven't blogged about it, that's for sure, but I will soon, and I'm over what I expected from me, so I should be happy, right? Come back tomorrow and check my latest love piece. 

There's a lot of sewing for this week and the next ones, so a lot to show and share will be at its time too. 


  1. I'm so excited that you're sewing along with PR&P!! I can't wait to see what you refashion! This series is a great thing too! I know I've felt discouraged with my blogging, but I know you inspire and reach more people then you know!

  2. Don't forget that you are also growing a baby!! MAJOR work there, creating a human.
    You are awesome. We all will wait until you post. It will be that much more impressive!

  3. sounds like you've been able to get a lot done!


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