January refashion Month with Max California

When I thought about another edition for the Refashion Month, it was obvious to me that I had to include Max California in it again. I was happy that she was excited about it too. I can't tell how much I love her blog, most of all because of her creativiness. I am always surprised by her fabric choices and the little details she sometimes adds to her creations. 


Hey guys! It's Ari! I was here last year with this cute little bimaa sweater for my daughter Eddie (oh man she was so little!) and today I am here to show you my favourite skirt! I didn't think it would be so amazing when I made it, but everytime I wear it I get so many people talking about it. That makes me feel so good ^_^ It's not a particularly amazing skirt, but I think it's the fabric that gets the attention!
I went opshopping a while ago and found this awesome satin dressing gown that had my first comic book crush all over them. The Ghost who Walks, Kit Walker, THE PHANTOM! Oh man I was so so in love with him and would spend hours reading Phantom comics when I was a kid. So you can imagine that I may have made a little squeak when I saw the Phantom fabric of the dressing gown peeking at me from a rack.
I used the original hem of it, as well as the front pockets of the gown. I'm so clever I didn't take a before photo, but it was a basic satin men's dressing gown. I overlapped the centre front and stitched it shut, then cut the bottom of the gown so it was the length of the skirt I wanted. Then I constructed it basically like my first ever tutorial I ever wrote! Hah, the Underbust pinny (i was pregnant with Vinnie!) just without the straps! And without the bow, obviously.
Right now we are in the middle of a heatwave, so it is way too hot to be wearing it! I just want to show you that it's not hard to make something from something else, just find something you love and make it work! I had several Ughhhh what am I even doing? moments while sewing this (because sewing with satin makes me Hulk out), but in the end it all came good, and I am the only person on the planet with a Ghost who Walks Skirt! Swing by my blog to see more inspiration for turning things into other things! Check out my Recycling Clothes tag for some fun!


  1. Love the skirt Ari! I especially like that you kept those original pockets.

  2. The skirt looks striking with the black top. I remember reading Phantom comics when I was a kid, many moons ago.


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