January Refashion Month with Heather from Feather's Flights

It is also a second time for Heather, from Feather's Flights guest posting for the Refashion Month Series. She's an inspiration when it comes to refashioning and I am always surprised at the clothes she designs and sews either for her or her son. Last year, I found it so interesting how she combined all her origins to create her son's Independence day outfit. This time, she's sharing a maternity sweater refashion, which I will try for myself for sure. I'm starting to need them now! 


Maternity Sweater Refashion

I'm so excited to be here again! I loved making something for the series last July and can't wait to see all the great refashions this time! I wanted a cute basic maternity sweater without having to pay for a new one. I found an extra large men's sweater at the thrift store to refashion, and it's 100% wool! 
It turned out better than I thought it would, and it's a great basic green that can be matched with almost anything.
Extra large sweater
Sewing supplies

1. Put the sweater on to see how much needs to be taken it. I did the same measurement from hem to armpit and then I tapered out to the sleeve hem.
2. Because my sleeves were WAY too long I planned to fold the cuff up. When I sewed in the sleeve, I stopped at the cuff. (See the first picture.)
3. Trim and finish edges.
4. Turn the sweater right side out and sew in the sleeve cuffs. Feel free to try on the sweater to see what needs to be taken in. Trim.
5. Fold the cuff up and tack down.
I was planning on added elastic to the sides to give it more of a maternity look, but once the sides were in I realized I loved the length of the sweater. If your sweater is too long, add elastic to the side seams to shorten it and give it the cute, gathered look.


  1. Great job Heather!! You look adorable in your new sweater, & your hair looks cute too!

  2. Wow! Amazing how much better it looks with just those few changes. I've linked to your tutorial over at Craft Gossip: http://sewing.craftgossip.com/tutorial-maternity-sweater-refashion/2014/01/04/

  3. Simple alterations that make a great looking maternity top, Heather! Love the short hair do...

  4. How cute are you, Heather! Great color on you! You are so good at refashioning sweaters! :)

  5. Too cute. You look absolutely adorable in it too!

  6. Love it! Gorgeous colour too! I have a red sweater I want to do this to, but I think I need to take the sleeves off first.

  7. You look great in green! This sweater is so cute. I remember maternity clothes being so expensive. I wish I would have been into refashioning back then. Thanks for the very clear and useful tutorial.

  8. Great job! It fits you so well and looks for very comfy! :)


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