January Refashion Month with Olga from Kid Approved

This is a pleasure for me to have Olga, from Kid Approved posting today. She was my first sew along guest last year, back in July, and I was so sure I'd have to bring her back to the series this year. Olga is a mother of four that sews for her kids, and sometimes for her too. Just like me she's passionate about refashioning and you can find some interesting ones in her blog. Enjoy what she got us today. 


I am so excited to participate in January Refashion Month. Thank you so much Magda for inviting me! I love taking something old, unused and breathe a new life into it. For this refashion I used a pair of old jeans. They looked like something Britney Spears circa 1999 would wear - too low, too flared. I like refashioning old jeans. You can almost always keep some of the original details. I was able to keep front and back pockets, which can be tricky.

I made them a bit long since the girl is growing like a weed. The pattern came from a  Japanese pattern book Polka Drops. This is my fourth pair - they are easy to make and the fit is good. When refashioning an existing pair it's important that both pant legs are symmetrical. I use a simple trick to achieve that.
Trace your pattern piece onto the pant leg. Cut it out. Be careful not to damage the back side and the waistband. I might or might not be speaking from the experience. Flip the piece onto the second pant leg, matching the front pockets perfectly. Trace and cut out. This helps to insure both pant legs are identical.

The shirt is a garage sale find refashion. Last summer, we stopped at the sale to look for toys and Ania found this shirt.  The print and the beads made the shirt look more grandma-on-a-cruise, then haute couture, but Ania loved it. 50c later the shirt was ours. :) I didn't use any pattern to make it. I just eye balled the sleeve opening, then cut out the sleeve that looked like it might fit that opening and sewed everything together. To my great surprise, it worked. :) The best part is that I guessed the sleeve length correctly. :)  

Ania loves her new outfit and wore it two days in a row. It's comfortable, practical and it sparkles. What not to love! Now if I can only convince her to wear shoes. :)


  1. Oh, that is so clever...making big jeans into kids jeans. I have never thought of that. And that shirt is so, ahem special, that it is absolutely fabulous. What a good find Ania ;-)

  2. What a fabulous idea! I don't have children of my own yet, and my younger siblings aren't quite that young, so this is an idea I will have to stash away for the future! Thank you for sharing! Oh, and I love your little girl's taste...the print and colors of that shirt are so bright and fun! Kudos to mamma for letting her exhibit her own taste. :)

  3. I love the fabric in that top!!! Great job with the jeans, too.

  4. I like the outfit very much! I think such jeans are great for a basic wardrobe: with this calm dark navy color, it will work with almost every other color. and I love the top, such a pretty fabric, like a wearable painting :). not to mention that I m utterly impressed that you have made the top without using any pattern!

  5. Jeans are one of my favourite things to refashion. I make my brother keep all his old pairs to pass on to me. Great tips for re-making them kid size.


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