January Refashion Month with Michelle from Falafel & the Bee

Do you know those people you've never met in person but really think there's something so special about them? That's what happens to me when it comes to Michelle from Falafel & the Bee. I believe I met her through Project Run & Play too, and was amazed at how much love there's going in her woeks and her family. I love Michelle's style and I am sure you all will too. 


I am honored to be here today! Magda is all sorts of awesome, as you all know.
Once you start to refashion, it becomes second nature to look at a garment and see it's potential. I love that.
My husband and I go to the thrift store every week to look and see if anything pops out at us (especially if it is one of the $1.29 items)!. This past week, I was looking at the Men's XL shirts for something to replace my ratty (but oh so comfortable) 15 year old fleece sweatshirt that has become part of my daily uniform (much to my husband's chagrin). And this beauty winked at me.
It had all the things I was looking for: Soft to the touch. V-neck. Raglan type sleeves. It even has a tiny zipper pocket on the sleeve, which I wasn't looking for, but I really do like.
As you can see, though, it was massive.
So I am going to take you on a short journey to make this baby fit me.
First, Lay out large shirt, with seams facing out.
Next, I
peeled off took off my well-fitting sweatshirt and placed it on top (matching the seams). I made sure to start at the top so that I could keep the pocket on the upper sleeve.
I cut the excess fabric off the large one, making sure to keep a nice seam allowance, and enough fabric for turning under the hems. I wanted my new shirt to fit slightly more snug than the old one, so I cut it fairly close.
I wanted both sides to be even, so I folded the shirt in half (I removed my original fleece shirt first), and then cut the excess off.
Opened it back up, and then I pinned the seams down and sewed around the perimeter and hemmed the bottom and the sleeve cuffs.
I love having a new cozy fleece that I can layer under to stay warm. I hope it lasts the next 15 years.
Thank you, Magda, for having me over! Happy Refashioning everyone!


  1. Thank you Magda. You made my heart smile:)

  2. Thank you for a very clear tutorial. Your new fleece looks super comfy and inspires me to refashion one of my own.


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