January Refashion Month with Scary from Shaffer Sister's

My guest today is the middle sister from the the Shaffer Sister's, Scary! Although being gifted with other talents (that runs in the family), she's the photographer among them, and if you're interested, you should check her tips for a no stress family photo here. She also did a great article in their blog about bullying, those subjects I mentioned they approched, and will rise awareness about the important things. Today,I'll leave you with Scary and what she prepared for us. Then again, if you haven't yet... go check their blog to lift up your spirit. 


I love Magda and her refashions are my favorite from around the web (obviously if you are here you already know how awesome she is). That respect for Magda made it really hard to decide if I wanted to share a new project or a wrap up of a few old ones so I decided to do a morph of the two.
I was chosen to test the Pippa Peplum from See Kate Sew and it was the perfect way to use an x-small junior sized top (the blue with black hearts) and the bottom of top came from XL men's shirt both of them I found at Walley World on their clearance for $1. They were waiting in the refashion tote for the perfect project. I just love how it looks on her.

One of my first refashioning projects that I did was before we started blogging was making a duvet cover into a dress for my niece, Ty, for her 1st birthday. It was a simple sundress that I used the a couple of rows of elastic thread to suck it in. That first time really planted a seed for refashioning and taught me to use what was on hand.
The next refashion was one that really taught me to think outside of the box. Taking my mom's 15ish year old sweatshirt to a maxi skirt for Ty.
This was one of her favorite skirts because it was comfortable and the sweet horses on the front

When we lived in Idaho one of my friends showed us how to make sock leggings. Which really showed me that when you refashion take advantage of the work that has already been done. Sometimes that is in hems and other times that is just basic shapes flipped to work.

What to make your own sock leggings?

Even though I have been doing refashions along I really feel like the last 6 months, I have really hit my stride. I am finding myself more inspired by what I have on hand. This fall, Al and I were lucky to be able to go to a free swap event at my church and we went "fabric shopping".
Here are a few of the things that I have been able to make since from the items I acquired:
Hangout Hoodie Zip Flip was made using a ladies sweatshirt. It really took for me to do some out of the box thinking on getting the shape to work but both Boston and I have been so satisfied with the results.

The Fur Bolero and Cupcake Top Tunic the quality of fabric I used was so much better because I was refashioning far better than what I could have found or afforded at a fabric store.
And the boots I was able to refresh from Hand Me Down status
If you get a chance please stop by our blog, Shaffer Sisters to see what we will do next.


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