January Refashion Month with RaeAnna from Sewing Mama RaeAnna

I'm really sorry I am putting this up a little late today. But life gets in the way and it wasn't possible for me to schedule this before. You see, I've been in bed for nearly three days now, with a huge flu. 

Today's guest is RaeAnna, from Sewing MamaRaeAnna. One of the most talented ladies I've met in the blogland. Just like last year, RaeAnna accepted to take part in this series again, and she has come with a fun project to show us. You might want to check the series she just hosted with Veronica from SewVery, called Snowflakes and Lace


I love watching Magda and her refashioning magic and seeing all the creativity during the various Refashion Month series.  I was able to show some patriotic refashioning during the last series (here) and for this month I wanted to use up some material that I refashioned a few weeks ago.


This is one of my favorite projects so far - I took a sweater and a lace vest and turned them into boot socks - see the tutorial here!

Since I had some leftovers I wanted to use them for another project and I landed on making my first rag doll!

 I skipped using any sweater for the doll but here's how it came together:

Fleece - I had yardage gifted by my sister-in-law for Christmas in 2010!
Felt - from my felt stash - I use them for making bow centers like this
Lace undies - used from the lace vest
Embroidery floss - Leftover from making my son's smocked Easter outfit in 2010
 Dress - used the leftover from the lace vest.  I sewed it into a "tube" and cut slits in the lace for her arms.

The pattern is modified a bit from this

I love how it came together - she's a bit alien looking in the face but that's my own fault!  Hopefully the next doll will have a better facial structure!

Thank you, Magda, for having me during your refashion series!

P.S.  Eva Mae is on my lap while I'm typing and keeps saying "I want baby" - she's off to her room to go cuddle her little baby doll!


  1. Thank you so much Magda!!! I'm so sorry you've been under the weather :( You need to take care of yourself and that little growing baby! Praying for you!

  2. RaeAnna, this is just adorable! I totally understand Eva Mae :)


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