January Refashion Month with Karly from Paisley Roots

I met Karly from Paisley Roots (until last November we could find her at Zafarani blog), through Project Run and Play, and quickly her creations caugh my attention. She's participating as a contestant in the next season (starting next monday), and she has put a post up with all the things she created while sewing along PR&P, check all the awesomeness HERE


Hello House of Estrela readers! At the end of last year (man that sounds soooo long ago!) Magda asked me to be a part of her Refashion Series. I love to refashion so that was a very easy yes!
I did have a hard time trying to decide which child to make this for and if I would be making a boy or girl outfit. After rummaging through my upcycle stash (it's pretty big so that took a while), I finally decided on these 2 items to use. A v-neck shirt my husband refuses to wear (v-necks are not his style) and a skirt that is way too big for me. 

(ps. sorry for the bad pics. Lately the only time I've been able to do anything is at night and my lighting is horrible. I'm hoping that will be remedied in the next few months when I get my sewing studio up and running!)

It was a really easy refashion and I love the results! 

Sorry I didn't get pictures of my process, but here's the steps. 

I started off with the Flashback Skinny Tee pattern in size 4, but shortened the bodice to end higher. 

With the skirt I just cut off the waistband, cut up one side since the skirt had a zipper, re-sewed the edge, gathered the top and then sewed it onto the bottom of the newly made skinny tee. Viole! 
Perfect little play dress!

We decided to take pictures up in the city while going to visit my mum and conveniently my camera battery died, so out came the smaller not so nice camera.......

She certainly had a lot of fun being able to get pictures on this carousel. 

The bow was also made from scrap pieces of the shirt and skirt. I just love making matching accessories!

We also had to add a photo of Jude photobombing. I love his little "cheese" smile!

Thank you Estrela for having me over! I love seeing all of the Refashions!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous!
    Magdalene, your series is going wonderfully, thanks for having it twice a year! I love having all the inspiration in one spot.

  2. Karly, I love this! It's super cute on her too. And is she riding a PANDA on that carousel?? My girl would be in heaven :) Great job!

    1. Thanks you guys! She is riding a panda! She had so much fun. Ha ha Crystal! Usually that is the way it goes, but yeah....I bought it to upcycle for me, but it's been sitting in my pile for almost a year!

  3. Karly, this is SO cute! Just love how it turned out. Cute pictures too!

  4. Adorable! I usually refashion out of clothes that are too small for me, not too big, LOL!

  5. The refashioned dress is gorgeous! Great job! I love the carousel - it reminds me of Paris.

  6. This is so.stinking.cute! :)


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