KCW day 8 and still working...

Just like I said I would, I've worked on my WIP Kid's Clothes Week, but I couldn't blog about it, since I left to Spain. I arrived yesterday almost at midnight, so no sewing or blogging, I just went straight to bed. 
So, the reason why I am still talking about day 6 is clear now. 
I managed to put a few pieces together, cut the remaining pieces, chose my buttons (although I have changed my mind already). 

Today's the 8th and last day of the KCW, and I've been working on my piece again. There's not much left to do, since I was able to bassicaly finish the back of the dress, and I am just three stitches away from finishing the front. Then I have to put them together, add button holes and buttons, and add a fabric band... where? You'll be able to find out when I'm done. 

I just wanted to show you all this because I will try to finish it later today, but I am not sure if I will be able to, so you can see what I've done so far. 

Baby G. is napping and I don't want to wake her up with the sewing machine's noise. I can use my machine in the evening when she's sleeping, it doesn't bother her, but apparently it does when she naps. She allows me to sew a little when she's up too, so that's great. What about you, sewing mammas? When do you find the time to sew when your little ones are around?!


KCW. Day 6 and the forgotten romper dress

I said I was done when I finished the only thing I did for the Kids Clothes Week. And I really thought I was , but it seems I just couldn't let it pass like that, when a thought came across my mind. All the way back to January, I started a new romper dress for my daughter, but then I went for the PR&P challenges, then there was Sew in Tune, the Pinterest Challenge, Sew-vivor, The Sew Off, Peques de Cine and April is ending and the romper dress was nowhere to be seen anymore. After I found it, I couldn't find the rest of the fabric - apparently I kept them separated! I spent 1h over midnight searching for it yesterday, because I really wanted to give it another try before the KCW was over. 

I'll try to do it today. Since January the only thing I did was sewing the pockets about two days ago. But later today I'll be off to spend the weekend over my parents.


KCW: The Flower Fairy Dress

It's the third day of the Kid's Clothes Week challenge, and everywhere on the blogland I see people sharing their wonderful creations. I told you I wasn't quite sure if I would join in the fun or not. But with so many great things coming up from basicly everywhere, I couldn't help but to enter my own little thingy too. 

I guess this week's the perfect oportunity to finally finish my niece's dress. It was promised her since the time I made her brother an outfit for the boy's themed week on PR&P season 6

If you followed me, you know I had planned to make her something for the details week challenge on PR&P all stars season. Well, I didn't! =( And since I didn't get anything done, I thought it'd would fit pretty well the Spring formal themed week, on the same season of PR&P. Well, again, and just by a couple of days I didn't again. 

As I said above, KCW was just my excuse to get it done. 

I actually worked on it last week, I cut the pattern and all the pieces into the fabric. I used the same french burda magazine pattern I used for my daughter's knock-off challenge, using a bigger size of course, and not doing any changes to the original pattern.

The dress is pretty simple (pattern), but the fabric is so light, and fresh and beautiful in colour and details. And the cherry on top is the detailed flowers belt. I added pink bias on the collar and arm holes for contrast since I used pink ribbon on the belt too. 
Actually my mother sewed the pearls to the flowers while I was busy sewing somthing else. She was visiting and feeling bored, so I gave it to her to help me, since the detail from the belt was done long ago, and left waiting. My first idea was to have it making part of the front bodice piece, but then I visioned it as a belt, and as a belt it was made. It tights on the back, and niece L. can wear it with or without the belt according to where or when she's wearing it. 
Here's how to do the flowers!!!

This is probably my one and only entry for the KCW. It's the first time I sewalong this challenge, and I am loving it, but this is going to be all for this time. I have important things to get done this week. Have fun!!!


Sewing Challenges

Apparently all the sewing blogsphere is busy with this week's challenge:

see more HERE
I'm still not sure if I will participate or not. I'm still feeling so so tired! At least my little girl feels well again. It was an entire week having her sick, she's so thin it hurts me... 

Here's something else tempting... I love knock it offs...

see more HERE

I just might sew along too, not sure. I won't say I will anyway, because I was so sure I could sew along Project Run and Play, but only managed to get the 2 first weeks finished. I had wonderful plans for week 3 and 4 but oppssss I missed it! So, for the next challenges I'll just hope on them and see what happens. 


Peques de Cine II

more about it HERE 
This challenge, consisted in creating a knock-off from a movie or series that we like. And then, after recreating the look, we should try to recreate a scene from the movie/series. So, as you can guess, I couldn't do that with a sick kid. I mean, she doesn't always collaborate when she's ok, wonder how it'd be with her sick?! Besides, I would never bother her with my sewing obsessions when she's not feeling well, 'cuz no matter how much I love those internet "things", I'm a mom first and have to care for her.

I chose the movie Pan's Labyrinth, which I love to death! I remember watching it on the cinema with V. back in 2006, and we were the only ones in the room. People thought it was a kid's movie... can you believe it? It's a brutal movie that mixes up a world of fairies and the Spanish Civil War. It's not a movie for kids, for sure. 

I knew I wanted to choose a child character for my project after I did a few researches through Tim Burton's movies (he's the man, what can I say?!), and was madly in love with Christina Ricci's character clothing, specially the black and white dress from Sleepy Hallow.
I mean, I'd love one of those for myself. I also adored, Sweeny Todd's wardrobe, but they weren't kid appropriated and I didn't have a light on how to make them look like so.

I then thought of some movies I enjoyed that had kids on it, and of course, Pan's Labyrinth was my final destination. Ophelia (the character I chose), is a girl that dresses simple vintage dresses, with enchanting details... pleats, slight ruffles on the cuffs and necks. I had three picks, and I went for the nightgown she wears most of the time on the screen. Only because it was the one I could get clear (or clearer) pictures from.

That was also my choice, because the nights are getting warmer and I thought that a nightgown would be something she would wear. I mean, I am sewing to save, right? So, there's no point to sew something that wouldn't be wearable on a daily basis.

I made it a size 3, when she's not yet a 2, but I wanted to make sure it'd last for a while.
I addapted a pattern from an old french Burda magazine, it was from a plain dress, and it had a zipper on the back, so I had to adapt it to have a button placket on the front of the bodice and shape the collar into a peter pan collar too. I had a little trouble with it, and had to do and undo the collar a few times until it got just perfect.

I used a small white lace to embellish my collar. Other details I added was the piping on the cuffs, and the waistband. The sleeves are puffier than the original, because I didn't make any changes to the original pattern on that matter, and I like it better this way. It even looks more puffier on her, because it's still a bit too big for her. The skirt has some pleats but it was kept simple, since I couldn't really tell how the original was made. And I even watched the movie again, especially for this challenge. 

And to finish, here's an overall look G.'s new nightgawn. 

I didn't want to push her too much, she's still not feeling 100%. And besides that, she's still too young to understand why she should pose this way or that way. It was just fun to see her walking around with it, and realise she enjoyed it. 

While I was sewing it, she was asked What's mommy doing? - Pants! She answered. lol

If you liked this, check out the flickr group too.


Tutorial: Ribbon Roses

Today I am bringing home a post I made for Keeping it Simple, about a year ago. I just checked the link and I've realised there's something wrong with the pictures. It is a good thing I will postt them all over again for you. 

I tried to come up with something simple to share, and I thought about one of the frist things I've learnt when I was a little girl. And it is: how to make a ribbon rose. You can make them with any ribbon and the results are always pretty.

1. Make sure you have your favourite ribbon, or the one matching your future project.

2. Fold your ribbon in half, just like you see in the photo.

3. Then start putting one of the sides on top of the other, and then again.

4. Go on doing that until you're left with a smaller tip.

5. The next step, is to hold your ribbon on the tip's edge and let go of the rest of it. It will look like a braid.

6. Grab the smaller tip and gentle pull it. It will start forming your rose shape. You have to keep pulling until it is perfectly shaped.

8. I haven't really finished mine, but you can either sew it, or use a glue gun to keep the flower petals in place. Now, you can use your roses in as many projects as you'd like.

I hope you've enjoyed this! 


Peques de Cine I

Have you noticed this button on my side bar?

Well, it is another fun sewalong from Maria's Loca por la Costura blog. I commited to sewalong too, but after all, I missed the deadline. It was two days ago, and I actually finished mine yesterday, but couldn't take any pictures, or pretty much do anything else.

My little girl got worst last monday...I think she's finally getting better, but still not quite fine. At least she ate something that didn't get thrown away... finally!

I'm planning to share my project though, as soon as she's recovered, so stay tunned!

Here's a peek...


The Sew OFF

So, the results for week 2 of The Sew Off are here. I didn't make it to the 3rd week if you're wondering. It was no surprise at all, I can tell you. If only the votes of the judges counted, I would be in the 6 contestants left, but those were not the rules of this contest and I'm off now.
That's quite a relief though. My kid is getting sick and I'm feeling just too tired this week to come up with something worth the competition... those ladies are really good!!!
So, it's going to be just nice to follow the competition... I've taken it very sprotly since the start. I'm not too extra competitive so, losing doesn't hurt... It's a case of, it was fun while it lasted! And I do feel like a winner, anyway!
You don't believe me?! Well, let me tell you. First of all, did you see The Sew off prizes? Pretty much fabric and patterns... Ok, I feel a little sad about the patterns, but really?! Fabric? I've been trying to use what I already have because I feel like there's just too much hanging around here. YES, it'd feel good to win it, I won't lie, but it's not the end of the world.
I feel like a winner, because out of all the people that auditioned, I made it to the top 12. And after that I made it to the top 9... so, I didn't make it to the top 6... but, did you realise just how many SO-TALENTED! people I left behind?! There's no way for me NOT to feel like a winner.
I feel like a winner, because I followed my goal of not buying any fabrics, I used my already existing supplies, I pushed my criativity, I renewed a corner from my house that was long waiting for me to. And I had fun creating... doing what I love most, which is sewing. Now, was I clear, enough?
If there's only one thing I feel bad about, is that it got me so tired that I did not stand up for all the sew-alongs I was planning too, and some of my ideas to be done this month were put aside... I am still trying to catch up with a couple of them.
Now, stay around and soon there'll be more to see.


The Sew Off week 2 < A new Entry... >

NOTE: Heavy post!!!

So, here I am, second week of the The Sew Off competition. And this time around, the theme is Home Decor. When I first read the news that I did make it to the 12 contestants I sort of panic. When I made it to the 9 contestants I really did panic!

What was I suppoused to do now?! 

I was comfortable with the children's look because I was already sewing along Sew-vivor and PR&P. I never thought I could make it to the competition. Although I did audition for The Sew Off, I just thought I wouldn't make it anyway and was going to enjoy a light sew along... but, I made it, and suddenly I realised I would have to do bigger and better than I had previously believed I would. I have to do the best I can, for me and for the judges who picked me! 

So, back to my first idea - I tend to get lost, sorry - I decided it was about time to make my G. a brand new playhouse in which we could hide all her toys that usually makes our floor so messy. I was sure I didn't want to make something just like what I had been seeing around. I wanted to make something special to us, and on a imnsonia night, it clicked me!

As you may, or may not know, we live in Portugal, more precisely in the Algarve, the most southern region of the country. Right above us, there is one of the most beautiful and richers regions, the Alentejo, which I adore. As a tourism student, one of my projects was to write and present on a school trip the entire region of Alentejo, all its typical stuff and so on. Ever since, I still remember every single thing I talked about, and one of the most interesting ones for me is their typical houses. That's how I planned to make my playhouse like...

But my playhouse project died the moment I saw Amy's from Nap Time Crafters. Although I follow her blog for years, only recently I found out her playhouse, and I knew any other I would make would just look tiny and basic compared to hers. I did not give up on the entire idea of the playhouse, I just couldn't make it in one week. So, not done now, but certainly a to do project for the future.

I knew I had made it through another week last Monday, and let me tell you that, back then, I wasn't still pretty sure of what to do. I don't usually sew decorative stuff, or very seldomly I do. The only thing I could think was:

- I will never beat my baby's nursery project! or the mini sofa...
- There's no way I can do better than that... 
- Can I cheat and say I did that now?!
- Perhaps I can make a coordinate something to go with it?!
- Crap, that took me months to get done... and I only have a few days. 

Pfff... I was totally lost and hopeless about this week's theme. Honestly I still am. BUT, I had to get something done. I HAD to try my best, and I had to get whatever it was going to be, done ready.

I thought and thought and thought... and went through some magazines, searching for inspiration. It hit me when I saw a technique ("Catedral de Windsor" - free translation: "Windsor's Cathedral"... please correct me if I am wrong, because I'm not really familiar with it). I saw it in a magazine I had bought a few years ago, and that's from where I addapted my nursery pattern. There it was, I would try that.

I had to open my doorway to take this picture... since I have no angle at all for good pictures/or nice light for photos. 

Again, I have to say I am not a pro with the patchwork and similars, nor do I have specific items to sew it with. As I mentioned in a previous post, I don't even own a rottary cutter... That bad! But, I decided I should expand myself and try something new and different for this challenge. And I did it!!!

My very first try with this technique results are here:

So... I centered my attention in my entry after all. I bought this cube shelf about a year or so ago, and I meant to sew some fabric baskets ever since. Another project I never crossed from the list until now.

Here's how it looked before:

a total mess, I know.

I knew I wanted a place for all the mail we get and also a place for G.'s shoes. Next to the shelf there's a cabinet for our shoes, but it's full... and since she has so many little shoes, it would be nice to have a place on the entry to store them too.

there's a on work patchwork piece here too, but just because I didn't want it to look so empty!

My first idea for this project was to make four baskets and two pillow covers, but I ended up with only half of the first idea. I knew I wouldn't make it all in time. And when having to choose from 6 badly finished pieces and 3 well finished pieces, I went with the second choice.

I picked my project colours after the ones used on the picture that's hanging on the entry's wall. And always trying to adjust it to my already existing stash. I am pleased with what I got.

For the baskets I used diaper card boxes, covered in white paper sheets because the fabric from which I sewed the baskets was linen and would show the image below. In the front of each basket I added the words MAIL for one, and SHOES for the other with the same yellow I used on the pillow cover. I interface the letters, which were cut on free hand; and, I sewed them to the linen with a straight stitch carefully.

For the lining, I used a very sentimental fabric for me. It's white with little yellow/brownish polka dots. It used to be a sheet from when I was a child. I still remember when my mom bought it together with another one full of little pink hearts. One for me, one for my sister.

If you need to make your own baskets, again Amy's got a great tutorial on her blog. That's not how I made mine, but it's a good one if you need it.

For the pillow cover, I used 5 different fabrics and tried my best to coordinate!!! Again, remember it was my first attempt at this new technique and after I sew all the squares together I only had to unpick 3 of them when it was time to press seams and I realised 3 weren't even sewn together... arghhh... I hate unpicking, but it was a necessary mean.


And this is it. Sorry that this was such a long post.

Now again... if you liked what you've seen, go HERE and vote for me!!!


Featured on Sew-vivor =D

What a nice surprise it was, when I was checking out Button's week results from the Sew-vivor competition, and realised my Dreaming of Spring was featured from the sewalong =) Thanks so much! It feels so great, because it really was the button's theme that started this whole outfit! =D


Just in case...

... you didn't see, I am one of the 9 contestants still competing for The Sew Off. 

Thank you everyone who voted! I really needed your votes as it seems and I'm sure pretty much each single one of you who voted for me made a difference. 

My heart was shrinking as I scrolled down the page earlier today. I was seeing everyone else's but mine. When I got to number 8 I was pretty sure I didn't make it... 

But then there it was, my Dreaming of Spring outfit made it to another week. I was the last person (9th place) to make it through next's week, but it made me happy to see that I was 4th place on the judges scores. 

I'm really sorry for the 3 other ladies who had to go, especially Michele from Falafel and the Bee, forgive the other two, but hers was absolutely one of my favourites. 

Next week's theme is Home Decor. I have nothing yet but a simple idea! I had a pretty exciting one until today but I had to give up, I'd tell you why later. 


Week One of THE SEW OFF < Dreaming of Spring Outfit >

Edited: This post was first meant for The Sew Off competition. Still, when I started refashioning this pants, I had The Sew-vivor sew along in mind, which theme was buttons. In the meanwhile I was informed I was competing for The Sew Off and immediately started thinking about making a full outfit for my entry on the kid's clothing theme. 
For the Project Run & Play sew along, I was hoping to make my niece a dress, with some flower details. I didn't know I would end up so short on time, and since I don't usually do much details, this outfit is pretty much the general detailed look I usually sew. 

I wasn't really expecting to hit one of the twelve. I was planning to sew along anyway, so as soon as I knew what the themes were, I started working on my kid's project. Spring just got in a few days ago, so I made a spring inspired outfit.

It is composed by three pieces: a blazer jacket, 
a top and a pair of denim pants. 

I love this picture! Can you notice her mini braid? ha ha 

too bad it was cold when we tried our first photoshoot, and she was wearing a long sleeved shirt under the top and a scarf... besides she was on a shell hunting, not very cooperative, but then again, when is she?!

The blazer is made out of polka dot cotton fabric and lined in white. I created the pattern for all the pieces, and for the blazer’s collar I have – on purpose – made it wide. It is a Spring blazer and it looks fresher this way. I added a single button (same as I used in the pants) and placket, and fluffy pockets with a ribbon on each. I made it a little bigger than G. is wearing now because kids grow fast at this age, and I'd like it to last a little longer - as I usually do with all her clothes lately. 

The top is made with knit fabric, with a ribbon detail on the front (same pattern I used here) and a central pleat. The fabric I used came from an existing woman's top that I deconstructed and turned into the new toddler top. Refashioning is my thing for sure. My G. calls it a dress - don't ask me why. I've told her it is a top not a dress, but she doesn't care. 

front & back

The pants are made of denim, which came from daddy's old jeans. I used red thread in all seams for contrast. On the sides of the pants, I sewed strips matching the blazer, or better, I made the blazer matching these, because the pants where my starting point for this project. On the back, I added placket pockets, large enough for her to stuff her favourite toys; and for the front I made a sort of sailor inspired button closure. I had done that before, so if you're interested there's a tutorial here. Another thing about this pants is that I added an adjustable elastic on the waist band for good fit. It was the first time I did so, and I guess I always will from now on. 

Just look: you have to bribe a child to have her doing what you want and still you suffer to get some nice shoots taken.

I love that fancy blazer, but I must confess that the pants are a favourite in our home. Even for G. She's a pants girl. I swear, this little lady has cried over me trying to put her a skirt on. She didn't want to, she said. Even dad is in love with the pants. So I guess, even if I don't make it to the second week, it is a win for us. 

Now, if you think I am worth it, go there and vote for me. If it happens that you think somebody else's deserves your vote better than I do, go ahead, I won't beat you up...he he he, Now seriously, go there and VOTE


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