Tutorial: How to turn sleeves into Pants

This is so simple and so useful! I really wanted to make this tutorial before, I've been making a few of these lately, and people seemed to like them a lot. Really: they are a 10 (if so) minute project. If you have a baby/toodler at home, you know how useful they turn. So, I've put a tutorial together, just in case anyone is interested. 
You only need two sleeves from any shirt you used for anything else. And you'll used the existing seams on it, so making a new pair of pants will be a piece of cake. They make great pajama pants too. 
1. Use a pair of pants that fit your child to draft the pattern (or shorts like I did). 
2. Cut the excess fabric (leave seam alloweances). 
3. Turn legs inside out. 
4. Insert one in the other (right sides together). 
5.Match the seams and pin. 
6. Image of how it looks before...
7. ...you sew it on your machine. I didn't baste, but if you want a better finish then you must do it. And then press your seams. 
8. My waist band wasn't straight, so ...
9. ... after sewing both legs together, I folded the pants and cut it straight, making sure there was still enough fabric left. 
10. Fold once on the waist to insert an elastic (size depending on the elastic you'll use) and pin it. 
11. Sew it, leave an opening to insert the elastic. 
12. Again I didn't baste, but you can/should do it. 
13. Insert the elastic. 
14. Sew the edges of your elastic once it is in place. 
15. Close the opening you had left by sewing it. 
16. And you're done. 

I really hope this was useful. 


What I've done in June

Yes, back in June I had a cousin's weeding. Why didn't I mention that before? I don't know, I guess I just forgot, there are always so much to blog about in my mind, but in the end, most of it, goes undone. 
Anyway, as I was sayign June 30th more precisely I had my cousin's wedding and for this event I had 4 dresses to sew. My own - the first I thought about. My daughter's - of course, when I thought about making my own, it made total sense to make her one that would match mine. I also thought about making a tie to daddy, that would match too, but after all I bought it... I had too much to do already. So, my sister's and of course, a matching one for my niece. 
This event took place one day after G.'s first birthday, so it was a very busy month for me, I had a lot to do, as I told you here
Here they are, my 50´s inspired dress ( I used a Burda's pattern) and my baby's matching dress.  Dad didn't have his tie on anymore but it was the same blue colour as our dresses. 
I took off the original ribbon on the hat and glued this one with little hearts on it. much better. 

front of the dress for my niece, she looked absolutely beautiful. 

and the back of course. 

my sister is the one in orange. and that's the dress I made her.
By the way, we were laughing because my cousin (brother of the bride's) didn't even know how to shoot the photo, and the one between me and my sister, she's really funny and said something about it that we just couldn't help but laughing). 
So, what's your favourite?!


One shirt: two new pieces

After realising I needed to get myself some new summer clothes, I immediately started looking in my bins what could I eventually turn into something usuful, instead of having it there, occupying my precious space. I made the stripped black and white skirt out of the top as I showed you here, and then I tried to imagine other new clothes out of those standing there. 
I started a dress refashion, but then it was left undone for so reason. Instead of finishing the dress, I turned into a brown granny shirt - as I called it the minute I saw it. I liked the fabric, and kept it just because. 

A few days ago, I found a waist band my sister had cut off from a pair of pants a while ago, and had given to me to make something-I-didn't-and-can't-even-remeber-what-it-was. 

So, I thought that waist band colour did in fact match the ugly brown shirt and, yes-yes I turned them both into a new skirt for myself. I had to sew the waist band in order to fit my oh so damn small waist... 

 ... and then I just sewed the two  pieces together. Oh I had made a straight cut on the shirt, right under the arm holes, so I got a rectangle left. Serge it and that's it. A new skirt done.

But, I was left with two entirely sleeves. What would I do? That's an easy one, right? A  new pair of pants for my princess. Those turned out a little short for her, but who cares? This is walk-around-the-house clothes anyway. 
On top of the photo, I am wearing it with a tank top and using the waist band on the waist. 
On the rest of the photos, I wear the skirt as if it was a dress. I have a tank top on, and the waist band is right under the breast, then I used a brown belt on the waist and kinda made a dress too. 
Can you see my cat looking just like me on the second photo? hehe


My unperfect patchwork

It feels like I've been creating more than I have been blogging. Phewwww... I don't even know when was the last time I actually crafted more than I blogged, or just read other blogs. YES, I know I still spend too much time online, BUT I have been creating too, and that makes me feel a little happier. 
And now I'm just getting so in the mood for starting my Christmas crafts. I even made the list of people I have to make gifts for. Didn't write nothing (what should I make to each of them) but the people list yet, but that's a start. 
But, more than presents, I have been wanting to make stuff for the house. I want to make my first quilt for Christmas. Something small and simple of course. So, last monday I have started practising my patchwork. I made this:

It's not perfect, can you see?! That's why I have to practise harder. I didn't follow any pattern or instructions, it was just something that came as I went. I like it, but I was kinda lost, didn't really know what to do with it. I had a few ideas but none seemed right for me. Today I have decided, and I am working on it already. As soon as it is finished, of course I will come and share. 

The greatest thing though, is that the exact same day, and even though very late, I have finished my Tilda Santa Claus. It was supposed to be made last Christmas, but I got stuck in the middle of its creation and was there, left on a lonely corner waiting for me to put my hands on it. I didn't have the opportunity to take some pictures of it, but as soon as I do, you know, I'll share too. I'm just thrilled I have finished a past started project... I guess taht's my sort of challenge this month. I have been doing that without aiming for it. 


Elegant Fabric Basket

I have a huge DIY list for 2012, I guess I can share it with you...

1. Fix curtain seams for my craft room. 
2. Nursery blanket and pillow. 
3. Finish a patchwork basket for my bathroom - which was started LONG ago
4. Make covers for two small puffs and another for a shoe shelf
5. Fix a lot of pants for myself
6. Make G. a Carnival costume
7. Prepare G.'s first birthday party
8. Make a new coin purse for my love
9. New mobile cover for my love
10. Cute little boots for my G. 
11. Reduce the pile of fabric and clothes to recycle, creating a few more clothes for me and G. 
12. Dresses for us both, for my cousin's wedding, and a tie for V. 
13. New fabric basket for clothes pins
14. Curtains for G.'s bedroom
15. Recycle a lamp shade for her room too
16. Flamenco pants for my nephew
17. Flamenco dress for G. 
18. Fix Flamenco dress for my niece. 
19. A hairclip organizer for G.'s room

That's it. Some of this crossed things I have been showing you all along, but I just realised there are a few many actually I haven't done already. And I guess I might have to start doing that soon. It's just that sometimes I'm not really in the mood to edit photos and so ever. 

Anyway, what I came here today for, was to show you a new finished item from that list. Which maked me Oh so happy, of course. Especially this one, the number 3 item: a fabric basket I had started way back in time and just couldn't get around to actually finish it. Many times I've held it in my hands, looked at it and put it aside again. I wasn't inspired to finish at all. 

But, one good thing about me lately, is that I've settled myself to get old projects done with, and I have been up to it more than I expected. Can anyone believe it? Cuz I can't! Really! I, better than anyone else, know myself, right?!

I'm so happy with my basket. I don't have the right tools to patchwork and quilt, so normally the results are never perfect, but still I loved it. I want to re-decorate my very small bathroom adding these two colours and this is my starting point. 
The basket has inside pockets to organize the products which is very handy. =) And I love the buttons on it. I had exactly 4 of those. I bought them in a thrift market a few months ago. They came in a small bag full of different buttons. 


From top to skirt

Although my refashion month is over, my refashion mood and need, aren't. 

I was trying to find something not too hot to wear today to go on a family date and I realised I didn't have anything that would match together! WHAT?! So many clothes and none I'd like to wear? Totally time to start using the huge pile of clothes that are forever waiting for a second chance.

So, as soon as I got home, and baby G. allowed me to, I went looking for that pile, and my scissors and tah dah... I turned this:

Into this:

I got myself a new cuteeeeeeee skirt out of an old top I wasn't really using after nursering, it was too big for my *little ladies*


I swear it is the last one!

So, I guess I have used those two pieces to their fullest use. And I feel so proud of myself that I did so. I so loved the final result of all the pieces that came out of it. 

In my last post, I said I'd like to make a top for baby G. out of the scraps left from the white t-shirt but I wasn't sure if there were enough. I had to get a little creative but after all I made it. I tried to keep it simple and just cutted it straight, after all, it didn't turned out that weel, and one of the strips keeps falling down, but I guess it'll suit her much better, next year. 

So, justo to remind you... I have started with two pieces: a white t-shirt and a pink turtle neck shirt. 
First thing I made was the moto club meeting t-shirt refashion. Which I ended up giving to my sister. Then, I went for the handband, and then the skirt and the rest. And this last one of course. So, I got FIVE brand new pieces out of just two. Brilliant, isn't it?!


Still from the t-shirt scraps...

As G. fell asleep for her Sunday afternoon nap, I felt the urge to create. Really, just like two days before, when I had to jump out of bed and do something. Luckily for me, it was day this time. 
I didn't really know what to do, I just kept looking around. I have accumulated a few household shores to do but don't have the energy to go through any of them. 
I sat by my sewing machine and suddenly a light turned on. Near the machine, I still had the leftovers from the t-shirt refashion I made, and an idea started to gain shape in my mind. 
From the pink shirt I had a lot of fabric left, and as I was playing with it in my fingers, I decided what to do, in that same instant. Then cut and tah dah:
How I made it:
1. what I had left
2. the collar had girl written on it, which inspired mee
3. so, I folded it in half, and drew a circle line around it. From the neck line down.
4. cut it. later I basted too.
5. a new cute little skirt for my daughter.

It was going to be pretty much it. But then I still had so much fabric left... and did I mention I hate waste? So, I made a matching briefs. They were so simple to make.
5. fold the remaining fabric and scratched the briefs pattern, on the eye.
6. added an elastic band in the waist, basted the side edges, and added an elastic to each side (legs).
7. patched a heart shaped scrap to the back, just for fun... =D
8. as I felt like it wasn't yet enough, I also made a new headband to match. 
Now that I learned how to make these flowers it seems I want to make G. one matching all her clothes. 
I made a braided headband with the same fabric - again - and just glued the flower to it. I haven't done it yet, but I am planning a new t-shirt for her, using the white t-shirt leftovers. I have to check if there was enough left. Maybe I'll make them matching, and she's have the complete outfit. 

That's great that I made something for her. I love creating for my daughter. I haven't been making more clothes for her, because she has been given so many clothes that some she just won't even ever wear. 

Headbands from scraps

Last saturday, I have made something pretty and simple. And I used scraps left from the t-shirt refashion, which is the greatest thing.
It was my niece's birthday, and I had to rush to my sister's to help to prepare the princess party, but before that, I even got some time to make a cute headband for my G., and for that matter I tried a new way (for me at least!) of making fabric flowers. I used this tutorial  from Make it and Love it and it's so easy and quick. In a blink I had a new headband for my little princess.
It's great that I used the scraps, because I reall don't like any waste. I am a bit of a green person, I recycle every little thing, I donate, or something like that, and when I recycle something and there's some material left I always keep it, hoping I can use it properly later. 
Recently though, I've realised I've been keeping too much stuff and my house is louded, so, I guess, either I start making more stuff and give away to family and friends, or I start declutting soon and do throw a few things away.
Anyway, besides that first headband, later on I made another one.

And really got addicted to them.

Oh, and by the way... how rude am I? I didn't even introduce you, my new head model: Luna! I have saved her from a sad and lonely dark live in the garbage, after she was no longer needed by her previous owner.


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