Elegant Fabric Basket

I have a huge DIY list for 2012, I guess I can share it with you...

1. Fix curtain seams for my craft room. 
2. Nursery blanket and pillow. 
3. Finish a patchwork basket for my bathroom - which was started LONG ago
4. Make covers for two small puffs and another for a shoe shelf
5. Fix a lot of pants for myself
6. Make G. a Carnival costume
7. Prepare G.'s first birthday party
8. Make a new coin purse for my love
9. New mobile cover for my love
10. Cute little boots for my G. 
11. Reduce the pile of fabric and clothes to recycle, creating a few more clothes for me and G. 
12. Dresses for us both, for my cousin's wedding, and a tie for V. 
13. New fabric basket for clothes pins
14. Curtains for G.'s bedroom
15. Recycle a lamp shade for her room too
16. Flamenco pants for my nephew
17. Flamenco dress for G. 
18. Fix Flamenco dress for my niece. 
19. A hairclip organizer for G.'s room

That's it. Some of this crossed things I have been showing you all along, but I just realised there are a few many actually I haven't done already. And I guess I might have to start doing that soon. It's just that sometimes I'm not really in the mood to edit photos and so ever. 

Anyway, what I came here today for, was to show you a new finished item from that list. Which maked me Oh so happy, of course. Especially this one, the number 3 item: a fabric basket I had started way back in time and just couldn't get around to actually finish it. Many times I've held it in my hands, looked at it and put it aside again. I wasn't inspired to finish at all. 

But, one good thing about me lately, is that I've settled myself to get old projects done with, and I have been up to it more than I expected. Can anyone believe it? Cuz I can't! Really! I, better than anyone else, know myself, right?!

I'm so happy with my basket. I don't have the right tools to patchwork and quilt, so normally the results are never perfect, but still I loved it. I want to re-decorate my very small bathroom adding these two colours and this is my starting point. 
The basket has inside pockets to organize the products which is very handy. =) And I love the buttons on it. I had exactly 4 of those. I bought them in a thrift market a few months ago. They came in a small bag full of different buttons. 

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