M(a)y Mending Month: Simple Invisible Stitched Hem Tutorial

First of all I'd like to apologise for the flash pictures, but  lately I have only been able to sew in the evenings, after G. is in bed - the problem is she has been refusing sleep, so she ends up sleeping much later and I end up with no time at all unless I'm up until 1a.m. on a daily basis. 

On my month's challenge, I've been mending clothes from the mending pile - which was getting way too big. I had (and still have a few) a lot of classic looking pants to hem. Here's how I make those, always by hand. 

And you're done. Any doubts and you know you're free to ask. 


  1. I'm not fond of hemming pant and so was very happy to find your tutorial. I like the end result of your hemming job, but didn't completely understand how you got there. In Step 6, what are you basting?

  2. I'm glad this tutorial was useful for you. In step 6 you have to baste where you cut your pants, then you'll turn it to the inside and handstitch


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