Mickey & Minnie Drawstring Bags

One week away from my daughter's birthday and I still haven't done anything else but the invitations, and started sewing her outfit!!! Oh well, but that's not what brought me here today! 

I came to show you the finished drawstring bags I was ordered from a friend. They were a total of 26 - 13 each, and although I got to get a few calluses from my eyelet pliers, I got burnt with my glue gun and being up until late a few times, I finished them in time to send it to my friend, as party favours for her son's birthday. She got it a couple of days ago, that's why I waited a bit to show them here. I wanted her to be the first to see it. She said she loved it, so I'm quite happy about it. 

Note this is not my original idea, she showed me what she wanted and I just had to recreate it! I'm glad this project is done. 
I also kind of crossed one of my pinterest challenge items. Kind of because it was a sewing failure! I still plan to share it here and try again. 


  1. These drawstring bags are so sweet!!!! I love red and black together... and polka dots, and bows... It's all perfect!


    1. Thank you! Same here, love the polka dots, the black & red combo... =)

  2. Those are adorable! My brother and sister-in-law are total Disney lovers, so it would be fun to make them some! Thanks for the great idea!


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