February Wrap Up

My monthly wrap up is back after a two month break. You might have noticed that I also skipped the weekly glimpses... I forgot to share it the first week, and then I just went on with it. I made a monthly collage for you guys though, with bits and parts of our month. 

February was a busy month. There were Carnival parades, the first one was the one from G.'s school, where the kids helped making their own owl costume. Then we visited two more parades that week, as I already told you here. I've cooked some of G.'s favourites, and did a few fun experiences too. We had those pancakes for lunch, on a lazy day, the two of us, with chocolate topping. I got to sew a few pieces and we had fun in our photo sessions. We visited parks, and the beach as usual. G. had a playdate with her bestfriend. S. jumps like crazy in his jumper. We had plummers fixing something, finally. A friend sent my daughter some pink tulle and I made her a tutu, she wore it over her pajamas and felt so happy about it. S. is growing and he is able to do a bunch of things on his own, such as holding his own water bottle and drink from it. He already has two theeth too, so cute. 

As for the blog, I changed the banner (again) and made a few changes, such as adding a back to top button, centered the pages and the titles of the posts. Did you notice that? Looking back at what I made and blogged about, I am happy to see all these posts. 


I started the month as part of the girls bundle up tour, with three pattern reviews, the Phresh blazer, the Freestyle pants and the Adelaine cardigan. Click photos to get you to full post. Then I sewed along with Kids Clothes Week and I was able to sew and blog for 6 days in a row, then I just felt exausted and missed the last day. Apart from the pieces in the photos (an outfit for S. self drafted pants and Rowan tee, and the Phresh blazer for G.'s friend), I've also started two dresses, and a Mara blouse. I haven't blogged about them yet but one dress is done and the other is only missing some buttons, and the Mara will be blogged about tomorrow.



I was also able to blog about pieces I made in the past year or even way back in the past, as the vampire costume/medieval dress my niece wore for Carnival. From last year, I shared a Bumblebee dress, little girl's briefs and I brought back a guest post inspired in Victora Plum's books (last photo). 


The other new pieces I shared were the upcycle of the costume S. wore, the Cinderella costume for G. and the mom & daughter matching shirts for the Extraordinary Girl pattern tour. 


 Busy, busy, busy... as I told you! 


  1. Que mês ocupado e produtivo!! Gostei do novo banner :-)

    1. Obrigado, quando mais simplifico o banner mais vou gostando... vocês nem imaginam o 1º... e eu nem mostro...lol

  2. Tanta e tanta coisa que tu fazes minha querida! ;-)

    1. Para fazer estas deixo outras por fazer, as mais chatas... e depois fico chateada.

  3. Gosto muito do "novo" blog! Uff tanta coisa... Nao paras! Tudo muito giro :)

    1. Obrigado Rita. muitas já tinham sido feitas, apenas as mostrei agora.


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