The Stripes Skirt

 I made this skirt about a year or two ago. I don't wear it that often, especially after being a mommie, it's not that comfortable to wear mini skirts when you have to be running around with a little baby. 
But I loved it when I made it and I still love it. I guess I have to wear it more from now on. I loved how well done it was, especially when I was going through a bad season and my sewing skills were a little left behind. Finishing this project was a little escape for me too, so I am very proud of it. 

P.S. don't you just love my shoes? I L-O-V-E my shoes!!! ;)


  1. Cute skirt!! Wear it when the little one is napping :-)

  2. I love it, especially with the black leggings. That should make it easier to stay covered when you're chasing your baby. Thanks for linking up. :)


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