Refashion Month: Week 4

This isn't the 4th refashion I told you I was working on. I haven't finished that one yet. The month isn't over  and i'm still hoping I'll amke it to the four refashions in a month. But I did make a fifth refashion if you want.  Uhmmm... not actually a refashion, it was more an upcycle.

A few weeks or is it months now? ago, I brought a huge piece of foam from my parents to make a little sofa for my daughter's bedroom. I did cut the foam but never got around to finish it. And it was my sister's fault (or I like to think so), because she had a sofa from her son which was left in the garage, for too long. It was old, dirty and stained. It was total garbage for her... but not for me. I took it off and the foam wasn't as bad as the cover, so what would I do? Of course, I had to give it a new life, and here's how the little sofa went from this:

To this:

I had it home for a while now, but it was taking it's time. I don't know what got hold on me last night but I was already in bed and I had to jump out and DO something... anything. I did some household shores and then I went straight to the sofa cover. 
I forgot to take a photo before I started ripping the original cover apart. That's why I had to pin it in place to take my before photo after all. 
As I was ripping the original cover I was thinking to myself, how the hell would I be able to make the new one again. i thought I wouldn't know which part should I stitch to which part, but once I had the new pieces cut i realised it would be much easier than I first thought. 
Before going to bed (at about 2 a.m.) I left my pieces cut and pinned, so all I had to do today was sew it together. On the botton, I used a cord to pull the cover into place. It was made in a blink. 

My Tilda doll seemed to like it very much. She tried to used it as her own. But I am not still 100% satisfied with it. I want to add an application using the same pink fabric, almost in the same place of the original bear. I thought maybe I can stitch something, but that might take a little while. And I want to make a matching decorative pillow to put on the sofa. When? I can't tell! hehe*

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