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Over at Elegance & Elephants blog, Heidi is hosting a Knock it Off Series. Where mom designers have been creating amazing looks, inspired by existing (and most of the times too expensive) pieces. I've been following it and loving and recently, I was just going through some picture albums, trying to organize all I have saved through the last couple of years, and I came across a picture.
This image was given to me by a costumer, she wanted me to make a dress like that one for her daughter's first birthday. I did try my best, especially because she didn't live close enought to come and try it on, so I just had to hope it'd fit well.
I couldn't help but to immediately think about making my own Knock it Off post. It's fun!
My costumer didn't like the light tone of pink, so I made it darker, which I personaly like better too. Besides, instead of making a white diapper cover with pink ruffles, I made a pink one with white ruffles. I soooo love mine better. I guess I didn't do that bad. The strips were too long, and the girl's mommy tried to fix them a little, bit they were still falling off. That's the bad part of this dress.

Here's how I originally made them, before she got it and fix the strips. I even thought about making a dress like this one for my little one too, but just using a different colour - I'm not a huge fan of pink! But I had so much to do at the time (4 dresses for my cousin's wedding, G.'s birthday dress, Flamenco outfits...) that I didn't. Maybe if we get to have a party or something to go I might think of that.


  1. So cute! I prefer the darker pink, too. Thank you for sharing the link!

  2. Super cute! Love the darker pink. Link up anytime to I Made It! Monday at Ninth Street Notions.

  3. So cute!!! I prefer the darker pink, too... practical as well as pretty.

  4. Ficou um espectáculo, parabéns!


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