Project Run and Play Season 6

Project Run and Play Season 6 has started. I'm not quite sure when was it that I started following the previous seasons, but the truth is that I always felt the urge to take part of the sew along but never did it before. 

For this season, I won't miss it though. And I am making the first dress already. I hope I get it done by tomorrow, so I can take a few pictures and post them. The other dress I said I was making is still unfisnished, but I don't need to hurry anyway. 

So, here's some things you should know about this season:

Week One: The Pattern Remix Challenge: This season we will be remixing The Cottage Home Mama's fantastic Party Dress. (You can find the tutorial for the dress HERE so pop on over, check it out and remix away!!!)

Week Two: Stripes and Polka Dots: This week is all about the stripes and polka dots so base your designs around those fun prints...we are so excited to see what everyone comes up with!

Week Three: Boys Week: Create a design of your choice for a boy.

Week Four: Love is in the Air: This week will be a Valentine's Inspired challenge. So design a look for your little one inspired by Valentine's Day.

Week Five: The Men's Dress Shirt Challenge: Take a men's button up shirt (doesn't necessarily need to be a dress shirt---like it can be a flannel shirt---just as long as it's a men's shirt and buttons all the way up) and make something wonderful out of it for a child.

Week Six: Your Signature Look: Share with us a design created by you, that is all your style.

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