Sailor Inspired Pants

Remember this post? I promised I would show you the before and afters of the pants, but a few months have gone by and every time G. wpre them, she wasn't in a good mood for pictures! 

I did manage to snap a few (not so good) shots a couple of days ago, so, I guess that's as much as she's going to give me with the pants, so I am using them. 

Here is the before, the pants I bought to myself, and only wore once:

And I have turned them into this:
It almost doesn't fit her anymore, which I feel terrible sad about. I love to see her on them, and she loves the big green buttons too. I guess I didn't get used to the fact that babies/toddlers overgrow their clothes so quickly! =( Well, the good thing is I might use it for a second child when I have one, either boy or girl!


  1. Te quedaron muy bonitos. Tienen un color precioso.


  2. Gracias Mary! =) Por eso los compré pero al final no me gusto ver como me quedaban

  3. No wonder she loves the big buttons... they finish the pants off so well, Magda.

  4. The only problem for me is the back of the pants, they look funny. I was going to use some other buttons but didn't have enough.

  5. Super fun! I love colored pants for kids!
    Thansk for linking up!

    1. They're not really easy to find, at least not good ones.

  6. I love green pants with pops of yellow. So cute! Great job!

    1. thank you! They're not yellow, they are a yellowish green, but I like that contrast too.

  7. These are great! Love it when you can make something for your kids from your clothes. Need to do more of that!


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