Let's talk about the Pinterest Challenge

I did not forget about it! No no no! And even though it may seem that I've complete lost track on this challenge, let me tell you: I did not! I just don't seem to get my pictures taken, since I've been so damn excited with other sewing challenges. 

Anyway... let's get back to my challenge pinspiration board:
So, father's day activity, cell phone case and button placket are checked out of my list. Yay for me!
Today I am showing you my version of the cell phone charger support. again I pinned something but had another one going on in my mind. I'm all for recycling, and I couldn't help thinking I had to try this:
I had actually started a while ago, I did prepare my empty bottle, and cut (even though mine was too thick and it was hard to do it neatly), but it layed around for a few months, until I came across pinterest challenge and decided it was about time to give it a finished look. 
I used the decoupage technique on mine, and got this:

As for the two remaining pins, well, one is ready (only need the pictures) and I'm just finishing the last one... yammy!!! 

did you miss it?


  1. That looks great! I've got one left too, we're in the endzone now!

    1. Thanks. I've got all of mine done. I will have a photo session today for the last one and I'm done. Well, only need to post it.


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