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As I've told you before, I am very excited about PR&P's themes and have started planning and creating already. I just finished week 1* project and have week 2** started too. I know exactly what I want and will make for week 4**** and I know week 3*** will be dedicated to my 5 year old niece. Back in season 6 I made her brother an outfit and she asked for a dress, of course. So, she deserves it and I will make her a dress, though I haven't made up my mind yet, I do have a slight idea of what will come for it, and what fabric I will use.  
Today, I will tease you... Here's a little of what I've been working on:

Today could have been a great day to put G. on her new dress and take some photos, if it wasn't for the damn rain. It stoped now and looks like the sun wants to come out, but every place is wet outside and still looks dark inside... =( 

I am so happy that week one is done already, and I won't be finishing right on time as I did before. I want to do the same with all the rest of the weeks (have it done one week ahead) so, I'll have time between one and another to just take good pictures, edit calmly, not staying up late like I did before, just because I wanted to be part of the sewalong. =) hehehe.. yeah, I'm like that! 

So, more about the dress and all the details when I have photos taken to it. =) 

*Week 1:  Inspired by Art---Choose an artist, art movement, or artwork and create a children's look inspired by your choice.
**Week 2:  The Riley Blake Chevron Week---Create a children's design where a chevron pattern is featured. 
***Week 3:  It's All in the Details---Choose a favorite detail to showcase in a children's wear design.  (Such as piping, embroidery, pin tucks, etc.)
****Week 4:  Spring Formal Wear---Design a formal look for spring--perhaps and Easter outfit or something suitable for a spring wedding?


  1. ola! em principio tambem vou participar no pr+p. gosto bastante deste concurso.
    e ja agora muitos parabens pelo blog e pelas costuras. gostei muito!

    1. Olá Marta! Obrigado, eu costumava acompanhar sem nunca ter participado até à temporada 6. De todas as formas, este ano dei por mim a participar/acompanhar tds os desafios que me vão aparecendo pelo caminho. =)


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