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Refashion Runway Week 4: Leather

It looks like I didn't get to this week's competition. I was voted out with the peplum challenge. I still don't regret that I made it for my daughter, and I am happy for the challenges I faced until here. I have really enjoyed my time competing, I am so glad it allowed me to "meet" new refashionists I didn't before and see how great and inspiring their work has been. I will try to sew along the two remaining themes which are Halloween and Winter White.

By now, I will leave you with what I had made to enter the leather challenge if I had passed last's weeks. Enjoy! And, by the way, please go there and vote for your favorite...

Contrary to last week, I was excited for the leather challenge. Working with this material wasn't new to me. I have actually done a few things in the past, with leather and vinyl... My only problem was not having any leather piece to refashion! I asked my friends in facebook if anyone could donate anything to me, nobody answered. 

My sister, actually found a faux leather brown jacket she didn't want. I was cutting into it but in the last minute, a costumer from hubby's told him she had seen my fb message and told him she had something she was willing to give me. I was  s o  h a p p y  when I saw it. But I was also kinda sorry to cut into it. 

Anyway... I knew exactly what I wanted to do from the start. I am mad about corsets. I wanted a new one for such a long time. So I did one.

this one needed a pose, right?!

I drafted a pattern. This video helped me to draw the corset pieces. I didn't make mine exactly like the one from the tutorial, but it was very helpful with the measurements, and I was able to adjust them to the design I had in my mind. Since the jacket was big, I had plenty of fabric to work with, I used basicly from the bottom and am hoping to use the rest for something in the future. 

I didn't take much pictures from the process this time. I have a serious problem with process pictures. I usually sew at night, after baby is sleeping, and then, when I'm really absorted in what I am making, I tend to forget the pictures details. Been trying to work on that, but it's hard... 

The ones I got for you, were taken the next morning, when all 10 pieces from the corset were sewn together. Instead of adding a zipper to the back I wanted it to look as a waist cincher, so I actually folded the center back pieces in half and kept in place with tape (which I removed once it was all done). I then marked my eyelets holes with the right punch and inserted them. I didn't even waste too many of them. My punch and eyelets weren't exactly the same size which is a problem, but a I said I didn't waste too many of them. 

Of course I was very pleased with what I did. I thought about lining and bonning the corset, but then I just dropped the idea. It was so much easier to add some bias to finish the piece. Besides, the purple looks so great and adds a final special touch to it. it wasn't really bias tape you know, it was a scrap left over from a shirt. I cut two striped from it (on the before picture above), sewn them together and attach it to corset as being bias tape. It worked. I am happy. We're done. 

This week we had a small family trip to the "sand city". It's an exhibition, that takes place for like 6 months every year, of sand sculptures. The theme for 2013 has been music. I had only been there once, even though I don't live that far, and the theme back then was mythology. I loved it! Every year since then I would say I'd go back... well, I finally did this year. 

I enjoyed it so much!!! I was even happier than the kids. I love music... I kept jumping and pointing out... 

look, The Rolling Stones... 
look, Jimmy Morrison... 
Pink Floyd, Pink Floyd... look it's Pink Floyd... 
look, minnie & mickey mouse... 
OMG Chanel... 
ahahah, is that Beyoncé? Jesusss!!
Is that Freddie Mercury? Cuz I'm not sure, doesn't look like him... 
OH gosh, Bono looks so much like Bono!
I gotta take a picture next to J. Galliano! Really! (I got two actually)

And that's it! My leather challenge. 


  1. I was so sad to see you go, Magda. You surely would have won the leather challenge with this corset. It's fabulous!

    1. Thank you Carissa! I did win in a way... I finally got around to make it! =D crossing my fingers for you now! I'd really like to see on the final 3!

  2. This would have been a real winner for the leather challenge. But you were so busy when you were asked, it is good that you could make the things you did make. Well done,
    Sandy in the UK

  3. Oh. My. Goodness. You have blown me away!!! This is absolutely phenomenal! No doubt, you would have won this week's leather challenge, hands down! I was so sorry to see you go, Magda! You are an amazing seamstress and a great person. I'm so glad to have met you through this competition, I plan to stick around and look forward to following you! By the way, what a great place for a photo shoot, those sand sculptures are incredible!

  4. Oh, Magda - this is gorgeous, and it suits you so well. I'm sorry to see you out of the challenge, but glad to have found your blog.

    Those sculptures are amazing!

  5. I am so impressed with this refashion, Magda. Desarae is right. You would have won this week for sure. I'm sad to see you go from the challenge, but I'm glad that I met you. Now I can follow your blog and see all of your amazing projects. You're a terrific seamstress!

    1. Thank you Trish! It feels good to know my refashion had the potencial to be a winner, but I am still a winner from all the experiences and new friends I made through the competition. =D You're so talented too! I'm still in love with your emerald refashion.

  6. I'm really impressed with this leather corset! Sewing with leather is hard, but yours looks so good!
    Sorry, you didn't make it to the next week! I've loved seeing your refashions!

  7. This was seriously the best leather refashion out of all the ones for this competition. This blew me away and I seriously want one!! Great job!!! You would have won had you been in the competition. Love this corset! Sorry I am just getting on the computer for this past week and catching up with blogs and things. LOL I just found out I lost. All good! But this corset is fabulous that is all that matters.

    1. Thank you so much Lauren! They're not that hard to make, it just gives you extra work cutting all the pieces! Being the fabric leather turned it easier, because it's a hard fabric I didn't have to use lining. So sorry that you lost too, I loved your Halloween refashion. I'm glad I didn't make it to this week though, since what the competing ladies did just blew me away! I wouldn't think of anything that gorgeous!

  8. Absolutely wonderful! You made a special garment from a jacket sad, I'm admiring your corset and I think it's great!

  9. Omg not only are you talented but extremely beautiful too. Fabulous corset, suits you down to the ground.

  10. LADY! WOW! This is super awesome!!!
    I have wanted to make a corset for a while now.
    You look so fantastic! So sassy:)
    Yay you!

  11. Nunca cheguei a comentar aqui sobre esta peça de roupa que fizeste, achei que ficaste fabulosa nele e pelas fotos sentias-te bem contigo mesma (tal e qual uma top model de 1,90m eheh), os corpetes ficam-te lindamente ;o) Fizeste um excelente trabalho ;o)

    1. =D Isto era o meu normal antes da Biela. Agr é calça de ganga e t-shirt ou camisola... o mau prático, mas neste dia estava mesmo feliz! Adoro escultura, adoro música e adoro corpetes...

  12. Very impressive sewing, Magda!!! You look fabulous!!!

    1. Hi Magda, I've featured your leather corset today...

  13. Love, Love, Love the corset! I will have to try and make one! Excellent job!


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