A gift for a 3 year old

I was finally able to sew the last couple of days. The sickness wasn't so heavy and I could finally sit and sew a few easy and quick items for Christmas. I did not make a lot, not as many handmades as I wanted, but I did make a few and I am so satisfied about it. I will be showing those little things through the next days. 

For my cousin's daughter I had something in mind for quite a while. She's 3 and the thing she loves the most is drawing. I planned this gift for her birthday back in November (4th), but I already had a puzzle for her for Christmas and ran out of time to sew what I actually had in mind, so I gave her the puzzle for her birthday and used my idea on her Christmas gift. 

sorry pictures taken on a grey day and a bad light

I bought a notebook and a color pencils box. I wanted blank sheets, but couldn't find a single one. I made a book cover for it, and a pencil case. You may recognise the fabric, I've used it a few times before and still have some left. I'm pretty sure little D. will appreciate her gift, can't wait to give it to her. 


  1. Super cute! I'm sure she'll love it. Glad to see that you've gotten to your sewing machine. Can't wait to see what else you made.


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