Advent Calendar 2013

I've been wanting to make an advent calendar for years. I started saving little boxes last year to make one I have in mind for about two years or so, but I only had 22 by the end of November, so I guess that will wait for another year. I did make a calendar though!

I was inspired by this one here, but mine isn't as cute because as I told you, things have been slow on the sewing and crafting around here. This was the best I could get and I am pretty happy about it, because at least I made it!

In our calendar, we have activities to do together as a family and also one or another sweet for the little miss. This is all about her after all. 

Now I only wish I had a fireplace to put in on, but while I don't this has to work. I'm considering trying to build a fake one sometime in the future, but there are just so many projects in line... 


  1. E ficou muito original Magda, às vezes a gente coloca os detalhes à frente da função do que se pretende e muitas das vezes tem-se coisas bonitas mas com pouca função, o teu calendário de advento ao olhos da tua menina é o mais lindo de todos, dentro de cada botinha tem algo que a faz sorrir e isso é mesmo o melhor detalhe de todos ;o)

    1. Para mim o mais importante foi tê-lo feito. Há anos que esta na lista das quero que quero fazer pelo Natal. Este ano a lista está pequena - já sabes porquê - por isso satisfaz-me muito ter terminado este projeto. E ela gosta muito sim, quer é abrir as botinhas todas logo.

  2. Actually, I think yours look much sweeter than the burlap ones. Probably will last longer, too. I can just see the other ones fraying away in storage between one year and the next.
    Sandy in the UK
    (following your blog from your refashions. I hope you get some more sewing time soon. But you have done a great deal in the last few months, so well done...and everyone needs a break now and then.)

  3. It's very cute! I've been meaning to make some sort of advent calendar for years...really should get on it!

  4. I love your version! Yay! So glad you did it.


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