Butterfly Pillow

A couple of weeks ago, parents were asked to take a small pillow to daycare. I believe it was for story telling time. I had lots of small pillows around my living room, so I thought about making a cover for one of them. 

I used the heart shaped fabric from my stash... yes... you've been seeing a few projects out of the same fabric, I hope you won't get bored of it... as I was saying, I really want to get rid of this but I still have a piece of it! I wanted to identify it with G. somehow. I thought about adding  her name with the apliqué technique... but her name is quite long and I was feeling lazy and in a hurry to finish this and take it to daycare (because i forgot I had to for a few days and I was on top of the deadline). 

My daughter's class is called "little animals" and each of the kids has choosen an animal to identify their stuff. My daughter picked the butterfly... how cute?! Adding a butterfly to the pillow would be great, right? What to use then? Fabric? I needed something quick remember?! So no! No to fabric, I used felt... I searched in my felt stash and I had the perfect colours! I didn't make a pattern or so ever. I just cut and hoped for the best, then pinned everything together and stitched.

I really liked it and her teacher was really surprised with it. She loved it and told me they were considering adding the kid's animals to the pillows. "Well, you'll save your work with this one, is done for you" I said, and she smiled. 

They are now preparing Carnival costumes and I have sewn something for that too... also I've been working on a home project... soon I'll be sharing all these. 


  1. Quick thinking using felt, Magda... no need for fusible webbing. Such a bright, fun pillow.

  2. And it turned out so cute!!

  3. Love this butterfly pillow!!! So pretty. I am not so crafty in this way, like to mostly fashion sew but I want to sew more for the home. Thanks for the inspiration!


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