KCW |day 1| onesie for the boy

So, today starts Kids Clothes Week again. This time I decided to do things right, I've signed in the site when I read another season was coming, I have thought what I wanted to make, I printed out some patterns, etc, etc, etc. 

And it's funny, because the more I have on hands to do, the more I seem to get things done. Yesterday, after bedtime, I was able to make a plastic bags dispenser (an order for a costumer), finish up editing my entry for the second week of Challenge Create, and even cut the fabric pieces for the actual garment I sewn today. 

Today, the results from Challenge Create for the first week were up (and the link up for week 2 sew along is open too!) and I got a lovely second place, which I wasn't expecting (I was last in the viewers votes), and then I was surprised again when I knew - through a comment another blogger left me - that I won the second week's sewalong of PR&P. What a beautiful day! 

But it was also a beautiful day because it was warm and sunny, and I felt energic again, and sewn the first onesie for my baby boy. The very first thing I want him to wear after his birth. KCW has a theme this time, "Mini Me"... so in order to follow the theme, I grabbed two S tops of mine that I wasn't wearing at all. I really liked the colour but they were too short even for me. 

So, using both pieces I made the onesie. It's a newborn size (0 M), but the tops weren't enough and I had to use some scraps I had from a white t-shirt for one of the sleeves and the binding. I love it so much. It isn't 100% finished yet, I need to add some snaps still, but I'll do that after putting G. to sleep. And maybe cut a few more pieces... Oh, and by the way, the onesie was self drafted!

I've also been printing my fabric so I can sew up a quick project to enter this week's sewalong over Project Run & Play. Maybe it'll be ready to share tomorrow. So, I am sorry if I am a little late answering mails and comments, but it's been busy busy busy around here... and I still have to start my third look for Challenge Create too!!! Auch! Anyway, I'm happy for a good KCW start! What about you? Are you sewing along this week?


  1. That is so striking. If I saw that in a shop I'd totally buy it. Great combination of color/pattern blocking.

    1. Thank you kristi. That is a great compliment.

  2. Magda you must have some sort of pregnancy powers! You amaze me. That onesie is super adorable. I started to make something to sewalong with Project run and play, and then got overwhelmed by all the other deadlines, so I stopped.
    I can't wait to see what else you made!!

  3. Congrats on 1st and 2nd place... not surprised. Such a cute little onesie!!!

  4. Replies
    1. Tá fofo não tá? Não sou grande fã das roupas típicas menino/menina, por isso, tudo o que é diferente cai-me bem. Tb gostei muito do resultado.

  5. Again, so cute! I'm impressed that you drafted the pattern for this.

  6. We were so glad to see the judges score you so high! One reason we structured the contest the way we did was because we wanted it to be fair for everyone, not a popularity contest. That way we could combine more and less well known blogs of seamstresses with awesome talents! Keep up the great work!

    1. Thank you! I really was so surprised. i didn't ask anyone to go and vote for me anywhere, I knew I had like 4 votes so I was convinced I'd get 4th place or 3rd as most, everyone did a great job! Either way, I am just enjoying this experience and i love that i've been making cute and feminine and yet practical maternity clothes for me. I don't think I'd be doing that if I wasn't challenged to.


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