Pinterest Challenge |Pin 3 & 4|

First of all! It's my daughter's 3rd birthday today!!! How exciting is that?!

Last Sunday I missed my weekly Pinterest Challenge post. And nope, I didn't have any other pin crossed from the 5 I picked. I've been postponing most things. I had a lot of plans for the past weekend but my little girl got ill, and I've been trying to keep her fever low until last Tuesday, when her meds finally started to sort some effects and she was feeling good again. It was after that, that I got to make another thing I had planned to do from the challenge. 

- Pin #3 - 

One of my pins were the Savoury Flapjacks . I didn't follow that recipe though, I made cereal and nuts bars instead which was closer to what I had in mind. I used this recipe, well sort of, because I didn't follow it too closely. One thing I've learnt while searching for recipes, was that making bars are the easiest on earth, and you are so free to add what you like best. I just think mine turned out a little too sweet, next time I surely won't use the honey, or less at least.

Because my recipe turned out quite different, I will share it with you. 
I have used:
120 gr sanded sugar (because I didn't have brown sugar)
200 gr mix of different nuts
200 gr oatmeal
200 gr mix of different seeds
150 gr butter
60 gr wheat flour
honey (I just threw what I thougth to be enough)

Mix everything together. Put it in a form, with a foil sheet, tamping and smoothing with a spoon. Put it in the woven at 200º for about half hour. Take it out, allow to cool for 40 minutes and take it to the fridge for about 4-5 hours. it is ready to cut into small bars. 

- pin #4 - 

Another pin I crossed this week, was adapting one of my own tops into a Nursing Top. This was an easy one. Only took me a few minutes. I could have done it before, really, I just felt a little lazy for this one because I am not nursing yet and this could wait anyway. Especially when there are so many other things to focus on. But, I chose it for the June Challenge and I kept my mind settled to finish all my pins in time, so here you are. 

I know, I know! There's one pin left and today's the last Sunday of the month, which means I didn't quite make it, right? Well.... yes, that's right. I missed one item from my list, which I will add to next months challenge. I will try not to push too hard on myself in July, so for now, that's the only pin I plan to get done. 

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