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This post should be up last week, and for thatI apologise the hosters of this Series: Jenya over While She Was Sleeping and Renee over Nearest The Pin. Remember my last post where I mentioned the first time I failed a test? Well, this was my first time failing a series deadline and I feel as awful. I know, I should change something about it. I am not blogging for profit or anything, just plain pleasure and fun and as some of you told me, I shouldn't be so hard on myself... but I am. 

The name of this series couldn't be more appropriate though. Constant: Change! Things are always changing around us, people are changing, everything is and should always be changing. I had to change my initial project half way through because, everything that could go wrong with the first one: did!

When I thought about what kind of change  I could craft/sew about I kept jumping into one thing or another in my mind. Sometimes I find it hard to make this little choices. I always think there's something better to do; but, I finally made my mind. The latest big change around here was the birth of my son (can you believe he's almost 5 months already?!), so it'd make total sense to sew for him. I had this idea in my mind to make him a family fabric book, and that was the first thing I started. But things went wrong. I just couldn't get the images transfered into the fabric (our family member photos). I got frustrated, after hand stitching the cover of the book "My Family". But I ain't no quitter (most of the times though), and another idea started to form. I started another panel, where I hand stitched out family members in felt. 

One thing didn't match the other, and I got stuck for a while again. I had to do some brainstroming to get somewhere with it. The light came when I remembered how much I wanted to make new cushions for our living room. Not long ago, I have been talking about how much I'd like to change the deco from our living room for much lighter and brighter colours. A great mix of colours if possible. 
And so, my two don't-know-what-to-do-with-them-now, handstitched panels became two little cushions to embellish our living room. It needs a few more, I know it. but it is a start. It is the push to remind me to CHANGE what I want to change and start it. Even if I have to make it a bit at a time. 

My daughter really liked the one with the family members. She has actually proclaimed this one as her own. I can keep the other one, she told me, but this was hers. Her eyes were shining when she held it, and she could tell it was us. The only thing she pointed out was that "mom, that's not S. My little brother has more hair than this one mom!". 

All the rest were okay I guess. She said "that's me" as she pointed the little girl in the panel, and then laughted. I was so happy she recognised us as a family in my work. That was fun and worth it all. Can you see the details of the colour of our eyes? We got a bit of everything going on: dad has brown eyes, G. has green eyes, I got blue eyes and the baby apparently has blue eyes too. 

I confess, just like her, I am not so happy about the second one. But I just had to do something with it after all the time I spent stitching those letters, right?!

This project was a real constant change of plans. But I am so happy to be part of this series, because I really found myself thinking and rethinking a lot of my priorities and definately, I need to focus just a little bit more on my family. 

Did you miss anyone from the tour? Make sure to visit their blogs because there have been great things created. 

Oh, and by the way, I filled the cushions with scraps of fabrics I have used before. And I had little hands helping me in this job. Isn't that adorable? You know when you can't part from those little pieces of unuseful fabric, and it is using part of your storage bins in vain, you can always keep them this way. Yes, you don't get to see them, but you know they are there! lol


  1. Que almofadinha tão original adorei... A copiar um destes dias ;)
    Bj grande

  2. Algumas mudanças levam tempo, é mesmo assim! ;-) É tão bom quando eles ajudam, não é?

    1. Mesmo, e eu sou tão difícil de endireitar em certas coisas. É maravilhoso quando consigo envolvê-la nas minhas coisas.

  3. Oh, the pillow with your family picture is the cutest ever!

  4. Adorable cushions, Magda, especially the felt family. Your daughter helping with the cushion filling would have made the cushions even more special for her.

  5. These cushions are so fun Magda - a lovely keepsake of and for your family. Thanks so much for joining our series, I'm a little sad it's over now :(

    1. Thanks Renee. You ladies had a great idea for a series. I was really happy to be a part of it.

  6. Magda, you are such a beautiful person. Please do not feel bad about pubishing your post later than intended. it really is not a bid deal at all :) The cushions are beautiful. I bet no one can beat the compliment your daughter has already given you by claiming the family picture cushon as her own :) Second cushion is beautiful as well. Did you stitch the letters by hand? Thank you for participating in the series and sharing your thoughts and projects with us.

  7. Que gira a almofada com os membros da família! Uma ideia fantástica ;-)

    1. Uma ideia que veio do nada e que realmente adorei concretizar. Obrigado Maria.

  8. The family picture is so cute! I have been realizing that change is not bad, too - whenever I run into a sewing problem, it seems that finding a solution pulls more creativity out of me than if things go smoothly. And here you have done the same! So sweet. (and I can hardly believe your little guy is 5 months old - wow)


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