January Refashion Month with Bonnie from Thrifting, Crafting, Personalizing

When I first mention a new edition of Refashion Month, I had a couple of bloggers stepped in and saying they would like to guest post for us. Bonnie, from Thrifting, Crafting, Personalizing was one of them. Back then, I didn't know her yet... or so I thought. After visiting her blog, I realised I had been there before, I recognised her Project Run & Play projects from the last season. Bonnie has been refashioning for her boy and most recently for her one year old daughter. It is my pleasure to introduce her to all of you.  


Hi guys! I am so thrilled to be participating in Refashion Month!
Today I want to show you a quick refashion I did for my daughter. I was pretty conflicted on what to do my post on even though I have been refashioning most of her wardrobe and her brother's wardrobes recently and I kept forgetting to take pictures so finally my husband asked me about this last one-if I had before and after pictures (I do) and told me "Go With That" so here I am.
She grows like a little bean sprout just like her brothers and money has been tight this past year with my husband fighting to get disability so I was seeking ways to "Extend" her wardrobe as long as possible and when she was born my best friend gave us a huge box of 0-3 months sized clothes with a few 6-12's in there. Length seems to be the biggest fitting issue with my daughter since most baby clothes are knit and forgive her chunky baby belly and thighs; but her torso, arms, and legs are longer then her RTW size.
In light of that I wondered if I could refashion one of her footless sleepers into a basic cardigan.
I have done this now to 3 of her outgrown snap front onsies; 2 were originally 0-3 month sized and the pink striped one was 6-9 month sized and is actually pretty big on her.This is the most recent one I have whipped out-this is truly a quick sew from onsie to cute cardigan!

First you make an even cut straight across 1/4 inch underneath the bottom most snap (right before the front snaps turn into crotch snaps)

Take an old outgrown knit onsie or knit baby pants in a complimentary color (newborn and 0-3 month pants usually have a good amount of fabric for this unless they were closer fitting styled pants.) and cut them into even strips however wide you want your bottom band to be; you may have to piece the strips together to get a band long enough to go all the way around the bottom of your cardigan.

Then you will want to sew the short edges of your waistband in 1/4 inch to the same side so when you fold it in half it will hide the edge finishing and give you a clean look to the ends of your waist band.

 Fold it in half (top to bottom not lengthwise) and pin to your cardigan's bottom with the folded side up towards the top of the cardigan and pin along the outside of the cardigan so when you sew up this seam to connect the two you can then press the raw edges up towards the inside of the cardigan and topstitch to keep the band in place.

With the turquoise cardigan removed the longer sleeves and leave the puffed ones, and with the pink striped cardigan I used the cut off leg parts to lengthen the arms and I also used fabric markers along my cuff, neck, and waistband seam lines as well as the center of the snaps and the faux pocket edges to give it a little more red to match some refashioned pants I will be making her soon.

Anyways, I can't wait to see what the other Refashion Month ladies have in store for us and I sincerely hope this little post might help someone extend their growing kidlet's wardrobe just a bit more :)

Bonnie MS


  1. A fabulous way to extend the life of clothes!!!

  2. Very smart! I think this idea is at the very heart of why we started to refashion to begin with!
    I love your thriftiness.

  3. This is a great idea to make your kid's clothes last longer. I have some onesies that I'm inspired to refashion for my son. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Such a great re-use idea! I usually just cut the feet off onesies so they fit a bit longer, but I guess there's a whole lot more you can do!

  5. This is an awesome idea! What a great way to extend the life of those baby sleepers.


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