January Refashion Month with Jo from Shaffer Sisters

My guest today is Jo, one of the sisters in the Shaffer Sisters' blog. Jo is the oldest and also an absolutely amazing mom of 6. I still remember when I took my time to read through all Jo's birth stories and how emotional they all were to me. That's what I love about their blog, even though they are pretty talented and share their talents in many ways, they also write beautifully about subjects that are important, sensitive... 
Just check what Jo prepared for us, and enjoy, then go there and visit her and her sisters because there's so much more to see than I could put on words. 


Magda E. from House of Estrela invited us over for her Refashion Month.  Honestly, I think Magda is the queen of refashion.  She is the one who got me looking at old clothing for its re-purposing qualities!  She is really incredible!  Have you seen her little red jacket?  Amazing!  Anyway, we met as fellow sew-along-ers, and we have enjoyed a blogger friendship ever since.  We have loved getting to know Magda E.  We are excited to be here on her sight this week!
Princess presents a sweater re-fashion!  and what might you ask are we re-fashioning it into?  Well, a sweater of course!
I am the wrong shape for this lovely purple sweater, so I decided Princess would be perfect in it.

I used the existing arms and waist band to give it a more finished look.  I also made sure it was cut out of the center of the sweater, so I could get the matching pattern, right down the center of her front.

Here is the remnants, just enough, I think for some mittens.



After sewing it up, I decided it really could use a collar. 
 So, I took Johns' old shirt and tinted it.  I didn't want to run to the store, so I used food coloring and vinegar- works for Easter eggs right?  I put the shirt and a lot of food coloring and vinegar in a bowl and microwaved it for about 5 minutes.  It took three different times, but I like the color it turned out to be.

 With the sleeves bunched and her collar turned up, she reminds me of Katharine Hepburn.  She didn't really want to take off her mittens so I could show you though :)
She really likes it, and I am happy her belly, arms, and hands are covered in this chilly weather!


  1. those mittens are adorable.
    what a great idea to use up more of that sweater.

  2. love how you dyed the shirt...clever! Great outfit!


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