January Refashion Month with Maegen from Foster Ramblings

Maegen from Foster Ramblings is the guest who's closing the series this time. She's again a blogger I met through Project Run & Play and I've been following close. Back in December she had her second baby boy so I much appreciate that even though, she was able to write us a little tutorial and share some of her previous refashions for her eldest boy. Make sure to share some love to Maegen, she deserves it! 


Hi! I'm Maegen, and I blog over at Foster Ramblings. When I was little I drove my parents crazy because I kept everything. I would keep little trinkets and bits of this and that to create furniture, toys, pictures and other accoutrements for my dollhouse. Thankfully, I'm better now at distinguishing treasure from rubbish. But I can't think of a time when I couldn't look at something used and see potential. When I started sewing clothes for my little boy I knew there was a world of possibilities in old clothes.

Here's a picture of Mack in some pajamas I made. I took the old pajamas apart, used the pieces as a pattern and sewed new pajamas reusing the zipper. This was one of my first clothing refashions. 

Another favorite of mine is this shirt with a Harry Potter quote, made from a really awful pair of men's shorts.

This little outfit is when I truly fell in love with making clothes. I used a pair of my husband's wool dress pants that I accidentally shrunk in the wash to make the pants and vest in this ensemble.

Repurposed Nathan's practice jersey into a jersey for Mack.

Repurposed a top sheet into a hangout hoodie.

And this little pea coat from an old wool shirt takes the cake! 

When Magda invited me to participate in her refashion month I was so excited! I grabbed the last slot available because I wasn't sure how much sewing time I would have after Baden arrived. I haven't had a ton of time to sew, but I whipped up a little tutorial.

Jeans make a wonderful resource for repurposing. I'm currently working on a pair of Small Fry Skinny Jeans made with a pair of my old jeans and some scrap fabric. I want to share the steps I used to make bows for the back pockets.

In addition to cutting out my pocket piece, I also cut a rectangle of my accent fabric. Mine was 5x2 inches, I eyeballed the measurement based on how much of the pocket I wanted covered.

Use a rolled hem foot to finish one edge of the accent piece. 

Pin your piece onto your pocket. The right side of your accent piece should be pinned to the wrong side of your pocket. I used a 1/2" seam allowance because that is what the pattern called for. 

After sewing the accent piece onto your pocket piece, flip it to the front, press with an iron, and baste the sides. 

Cut out the pieces for the bows. I used a 3x3 square.

Fold in half and sew a tube with a small seam allowance.

Turn the tube right side out, tuck in the open ends and top stitch the whole way around your little rectangle.

Fold the center of your piece several times, kind of like an accordian.

Stitch in place.

Make another small tube. Sorry, I forgot to take pictures of mine. 
Wrap your tube around the center of your bow.

Pin your bow to your pocket.

Sew your bow onto your pocket. Make sure that your center piece has been sewn on well, and that the ends won't come up. Clip off any excess fabric.

Add your cute back pockets to your favorite pants pattern!

Thank you so much for hosting such a fabulous series Magda! There have been some fabulous posts shared by so many wonderful blogging friends, and I'm glad I was able to be a part of it.

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  1. What a great way to jazz up the pockets.. love it!!!


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